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    The direct and most effective way to get XP is through The GAMES and TASKS BUT because of the bad ratio of gem/game investment and touble to get it accepted. I as many others do not bother with it any more . The other only way are the comments But the thing with them is that they are limited in number which is fine by me a max of 10post by day gets you ~+/-10XP But the issue is that they are time bound as well. 24H exactly must pass if not any comment will be considered as SPAM and XP will deducted from your level regardless of their true nature I would like to see improvement in this process 10 comments a day give xp i don't see why they should be at the exact same time and that any others are punished . What are your thoughts and opinions

    27 december 2018 16:16 1628

    I think they should add some clock or something to show us the daily reset of our account

    27 december 2018 16:55 1628

    yeah it's not fair that people should be punished for posting comments around that time EXACTLY

    29 december 2018 17:56 1628

    Yeah the system of those website have lot of problems. After one day here i noticed more then 5 and reported.

    29 december 2018 19:32 1628

    sometimes that is confusing.

    30 december 2018 09:27 1628

    They cannot make an AI distinguish real comments from spam if the spam comments have actual words.
    The only way that would work is by making it detect certain sentences like haha lvl up. This could work, but i would require alot of work and research into the "spam history". And even if they did allof that spammers would still be able to find another way to bypass this system.
    So the 10 comment, 10 xp system is probobly the best you could get (but idk maybe they will find an effective way like volunteers or something).

    30 december 2018 09:42 1628

    it was really confusing at first. got me some time to try out the rules.

    30 december 2018 10:30 1628

    Can't agree with it anymore

    30 december 2018 16:08 1628

    I think comments should also be checked like articles to see if they are spam or not. Admins don't have to check every comment. Just detect a comment as a spam automatically if it hits a certain amount of downvotes. This would work i think.

    30 december 2018 19:54 1628

    gamehag is made in poland, so i think the site's reset time would be gmt+1 i don't know sure

    2 january 2019 08:01 1628

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