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    Introducing Mobile Game : King of Hunters

    King of Hunters is a MOBA Battle royal android game. just in this Battle Royal game, you need to cut your enemies with sword and spear. stay with me for its introduction.

    The game takes you to a new and big universe and build you an interesting game-play experience. NetEase Games build a huge map for this game, you can kill enemies and never tired of the map. The battle royal games are invading to the realm of games and capturing heart of the players although not everyone enjoy them that much but trust you do want to try them with your friends. The game takes you to a more violent battle.

    If you are following the ship of battle royal games you definitely know the games like PUBG and FORTNITE and their events and innovations for attracting people, here, instead of cars, assault guns, snipers and PANS, King of Hunters want you to hunt with sword or spear and ride horses.

    The very great point of this game is riding around the open-world map and enjoying the beautiful views and places and the interesting thing is you never get tired of it. You can do anything you want with mostly everything in this world. you can improve your stealth strategies, manage amazing fights and hunt other players. you can run everywhere and climb every wall, you can plan to do whatever you want, setting a trap in a specific position and prepare the nearby places for killing the enemy are just some examples. The map is easy and zoom-able like other games and easy to control.

    The reason of using Melee weapons make the fights closer and intense, shedding blood for your victory is necessary. The game is somehow complex, it takes some time to understand and discover the map.

    Beware of the hunters, every inch of the map is dangerous
    the game encourages the players to be wise and think for their action. The fighting mechanisms are simple, yes, they are! but if you don’t pay attention to the environment, you will die.

    Every weapon has its own ability and use you can also use different weapons and build a combinational weapon and do a clean and nice kill. The weapons are upgradable, and you can choose your primary weapon. Like any other Battle Royal games, you should jump from the sky but this time from a Dragon. Riding a horse is a great experience and feel different, you can jump from high places to your enemy and finish them with your knife.

    Hiding in the shadows, waiting for the best moments, trying not to be surprised is the key of your wining there is no gunshot or massive vehicle's sound that aware you. Try to kill your enemies is a close position don’t let them to run you should kill them quick like a ninja.

    King of Hunters has Entertaining tactics, elements, huge playground and different weapons can entertain you good. speed or more power it's all your choice. Try to trick others but you should know that you are not the only clever hunter here.

    if you like the game you can download it from the links:
    android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.netease.g90na&hl=en

    24 december 2018 11:12 1625

    this would be a good article if it genuine

    24 december 2018 14:28 1625

    not bad . gj :)

    1 january 2019 17:16 1625

    IF you Try it you can also share your in-game profile and tips about the game.


    1 january 2019 18:11 1625

    seems interesting, maybe give a try

    3 january 2019 02:54 1625

    another netease mobile games....

    12 january 2019 04:42 1625

    w0w like a mobile legends that game!

    12 january 2019 05:07 1625

    its not a game

    12 january 2019 14:52 1625

    Looks good!!

    12 january 2019 18:22 1625

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