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    Games that exceeded all expectations

              Sometimes, we just know a game will suck before it even comes out. We just do. The advertising campaign sucks, the prequels were questionable and sometimes the very idea is just dumb. However, first impressions can be very deceptive. Many games have actually turned out to be much better than we expected, and here are five of them.

    Batman: Arkham Asylum

              For quite some time, nobody had been able to make a satisfactory game about Gotham’s caped crusader. Honestly, nobody had been able to make a good superhero game almost at all. When this one was announced, nobody really paid much attention. At least, until the trailer came out.

              People who watched the trailer were shocked. The trailer boasted of the excellent reviews the game had received; reviews that were so good they turned everyone’s heads. When the game came out, people were even more impressed. The combat, the stealth, the gadgets…everything was awesome and well designed. The game had succeeded in doing what no previous game had ever been able to do: truly make you feel like the Batman. Today, the Batman: Arkham series is considered one of the best ever, and I support that claim.

    Sonic Mania

              Similar to Batman, Sonic has had some trouble in the past years when it comes to keeping a good track record in games. Sega’s iconic blue hedgehog was being handled by a team who has no clue what made their character tick, and what made his games work. It was a huge relief when this game was released.

              Although I wouldn’t say that platformers are my kind of game, I still love this one. The developers managed to amass all the great stuff from the old games and put it all together in a great way. It’s a great and very successful attempt at creating a throwback to the older, better 16-bit games that everyone used to love but wouldn’t get anymore. Now, everyone has a brand new old school Sonic game which is, quite frankly, awesome. This game made everyone believe that 2017 could possibly become the Year of Sonic, but unfortunately Sonic Forces stomped on that dream. Nevertheless, Sonic Mania will be remembered for quite a while as a game that represents what a Sonic game should be like.

    Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

              After the pretty big letdown that was Assassin’s Creed III, people weren’t really sure what to think when Ubisoft announced that their next game in the franchise would be set in the Caribbean during the golden age of piracy. Seriously? Pirate assassins? It sounded ridiculous to a lot of people, and why wouldn’t it? I mean, surely such a game is gonna suck…

              Well, turns out the game was actually incredible. From the captivating story and Edward Kenway’s captivating character growth to the breathtaking naval combat, this was a game that took people completely by surprise. Nobody thought it could possibly be this good, and people were getting ready to hate it before it came out, but found little to hate when it did. It is now considered one of the best Assassin’s Creed games ever if not the best (I personally think so), and it certainly holds every right to that claim.


              Splatoon seemed…questionable at best. It looked and sounded really dumb, and the marketing campaign was stupid and even cringe-worthy. Besides, the game was being released on the Wii U, a struggling mess of a console that Nintendo was trying to rescue. Everyone was preparing themselves for a pretty epic failure.

              Well, that failure never came. The game was actually great; it was fun, it was creative, it was colorful. Even the reviewers were surprised to be rating it so highly. The game was truly amazing and had stunning visuals. The game was so successful and so acclaimed that it was followed up by a great sequel, Splatoon 2, which was bigger and better than the original. The game even received the award for Best Shooter of the year it came out, even beating Black Ops III. Now that’s impressive.

    The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

              After the successes of Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask, this franchise was ready for its next instalment. However, this game was taking a somewhat risky step: switching the traditional realistic graphics the franchise is accustomed for a more cartoony design. Fans of the series didn’t take it very well at first.

              But, as you can expect, they took it much better when the game actually came out. At first, the game sold badly due to people’s first impressions influencing them despite the game’s great reviews. However, people slowly turned around too realize that this game was still just as creative, fun and outright amazing as its predecessors, if not more so. This game is now considered one of Nintendo’s best Legend of Zelda games of all time, which is definitely saying something.

    24 december 2018 11:11 1625

    Witcher 3 needs to be in this list too, but nice one

    25 december 2018 08:52 1625

    yea witcher 3 is a realy good game

    25 december 2018 15:57 1625

    Elder scrolls , but for MMORPG in my opinion its Elder scroll online

    26 december 2018 21:41 1625

    Fable series would be good too add since it has had a downfall from its once superior upbringing

    3 january 2019 08:01 1625

    personally think titanfall 2 surprised me

    6 january 2019 23:14 1625

    The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker 😍😍

    25 january 2019 10:40 1625

    the meme is that csgo isnt dead not apart of the stuff your talking about but its a meme

    25 january 2019 13:33 1625

    yes he is,he can do it

    25 january 2019 13:44 1625

    I personally like that Breath of the wild game!

    25 january 2019 14:19 1625

    The elder scrolls

    25 january 2019 15:22 1625

    the meme is that csgo isnt dead not apart of the stuff your talking about but

    25 january 2019 20:12 1625

    The Last of Us

    19 march 2019 02:33 1625

    nice game efw

    19 march 2019 04:20 1625

    Nice list.It means we don't have to judge a game before it is release just like you don't have to judge people early

    20 march 2019 23:55 1625

    the meme is that csgo isnt dead not apart of the stuff your talking about but its a meme

    22 march 2019 11:12 1625

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