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    Article rejected for no reason

    Hello, my article got banned for obsceities. My article was called "best/most fun shouts in Skyrim".I looked up what obscenity means and my article definitely doesn't have it.

    17 december 2018 20:24 1628

    PM me with a google doc of your article. The system sometimes has false positives.

    18 december 2018 06:07 1628

    my article also got rejected for spam its name was *clap* *clap* youtuber review *clap* *clap* and the only problem saw with it was maybe it was short or something but i didnt really count the characters plz help

    18 december 2018 17:38 1628

    Was your article about games or gamimg related topics?

    18 december 2018 17:57 1628

    Soo sad :'(

    18 december 2018 18:58 1628


    18 december 2018 19:33 1628

    I'm also interested in this topic, as I haven't written an article here so far and would like to know whether it's very difficult to get it approved or it just requires time and I should follows some specific quidelines? If someone has more knowlwegde and experience, please let me know. Thank you!

    12 april 2020 09:56 1628

    There must be a reason behind the rejection... The moderators don't reject articles just like that, so please, make sure you aren't mistaken.
    As a moderator, I'm approving articles with good grammar and several spelling mistakes.
    I understand, not all of us are good at English. It is completely normal to make spelling/grammar mistakes. It happens to all of us, even me. But try to read your articles at least 3 times before submitting them and try to make as little mistakes as you can, and this will increase your chances of getting an approval. The formatting is also very important for me, so make sure you add some paragraphs, headings, etc. to your article.
    I wouldn't advise you to plagiarize articles, because you will get caught very easily, so please, refrain from doing that. Make sure the pictures you insert in the article have a high quality because the blurred pictures destroy everything.
    Many people don't know that it's a requirement to add a cover picture for every submitted article. Otherwise, the article gets rejected.

    It's not difficult to get your article approved if you are good at English and if you insert some good quality pictures in your article.
    Formatting is also very important. Make sure that the title of your article is related to the content.
    Good luck.

    19 april 2020 17:52 1628

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