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    how to get your screenshot NOT REJECTED

    i found out if you have you have your challenges tab it might work or i just got lucky.
    this is what got excepted (and don't try to copy it, it in the images so you don't copy it)

    12 december 2018 04:56 2176

    I will take another screenshot to match what you did, and I will report back if it gets accepted. My original submittion came back rejected saying I was missing something, so I think it might be the panel of the left they also want to see.

    12 december 2018 07:14 2176

    Opening a ticket won't help, this site is just ridiculous! The promise things, but don't give you the reward you should get

    13 december 2018 00:59 2176

    Only game i had trouble at this site is Crossout(other games gave gems immediately). But i contacted Misty and they accepted the task. I think its some automated system that combs the pictures through so its not that accurate if it doesnt find the info it needs to. I have only good things to say about the people running the ticket system.

    13 december 2018 01:55 2176

    It didnt work for me too, I am going to contact the support and see what happens

    13 december 2018 15:38 2176

    Ok, I got the gems now, the support was very helpful and fast, you just gotta describe your situation in detail.

    13 december 2018 15:47 2176

    Look at these people above me... #SPAMERS GET A LIFE

    18 december 2018 14:44 2176

    Do you have to print screen the game score screen in order to collect the soul gems?

    24 december 2018 13:57 2176

    thanks, i will give it a try

    10 january 2019 15:40 2176

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