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    Having trouble uploading the screenshoot

    Can someone help me, I am having trouble uploading the screenshot.

    8 december 2018 23:13 3088

    Will you please explaing the trouble ?

    15 december 2018 09:28 3088

    I finally uploaded it succesfully. Thanks man for your response, appreciated.

    19 december 2018 00:15 3088

    For future reference, I would recommend just to turn the game into windowed mode, and then use the snipping tool to take a screenshot of the game. You can also use Steam's screenshot system if the game is on steam. Oh, and always screenshot what is needed, in this case, you would screenshot the whole game client or browser to show that you reached a certain level or that you've earned a certain amount of gems.

    19 december 2018 05:16 3088

    I seem to be having issues, it's telling me to refresh the page and try again :/

    19 december 2018 20:23 3088

    vip 1 how can i get?

    30 july 2019 19:59 3088

    vip 1 how can i get

    9 november 2019 20:04 3088

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