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    Review: Strike Vector EX

    Poor tongues like to say that video games in the era of remastering and numerous redeeming. They are not far from the truth. From definitive to extended versions of games, no studio or publisher is immune to this sweet cash that comes when the game is again on sale, slightly dusty, but with the label "even ten percent new content!" Unfortunately, not even a small studio Ragequit Corporation has not resisted the remake of the remake, and again their hyper-active Strike Vector rifle, with a couple of additional screws and more beautiful wheels.

    At first glance, you can mix Strike Vector EX with his older brother and ask yourself: "Could not this studio pack the same game, with a slightly modified interface, and it is sold again?" If you played the original Strike Vector, you will not need It's a long time to get used to the new game, but it has some of the missing games that were missing from the previous game. The game looks almost identical to the previous one, although Unreal Engine 4 was replaced instead of version 3, which is now running a three-year-old shooter. The truth is, therefore, that a unique golden environment was created between the new and the old (without borrowed and blue).

    In addition to the game now available for the PlayStation 4 console, it also has real singleplayer content in the form of a campaign with a debatable story quality. You will be in the role of Marva, a guy who "dreams all his life" about taking him into a powerful vector and dragging rockets through evil villains. When the war finally knocks on the door, Marv swallowed a pair of dumplings and found that the war was not exactly " booyah, we are the best MUP unit" and that the agile spacecraft is not a cat's cough. Usually, criticize singleplayer game which is forcibly grafted multiplayer content, but here the situation is completely reversed - there was already a splendid multi, and the clinging of a harshly poor solo variant turned out to be completely naked. The campaign can be literally piled up in two to three hours, as none of its 15 missions last longer than five minutes. The story, as we have already noted, is so bad that it is ridiculous. It is packed with stereotyped characters, boring tasks and a dialogue with a crunch factor at the level of the Minecraft Festival. Marv changes his allies and his opinion of the universe and everything else as socks, jumping between the status of soldiers, pirates, and mercenaries practically in every other mission. We do not blame you if, after the campaign is over, you completely forget about its existence, as if it was a feverish dream, not an item in the menu.

    Solo gamers, unfortunately, do not gamble on campaigning if they want to be interested in the Skirmish mode, the other great expansion of the game. For some silly reason, the content in the mode where you are shouting with AI opponents is locked behind the progress of the missions. Even more strange, you do not have the freedom to choose mods, folders, and opponents, but the game has predefined matches with exactly five computer-based opponents on each map. You will not be able to find out which mode to play until you load the screen. This decision by the designer was wrong. Fortunately, here the AI is far more competent and can seriously bite at the highest levels of difficulty, and therefore Skirmish is a much better training than a campaign that, honestly, acts more like a stretched tutorial. It's only a shame that in this mode you can not unlock the equipment (cosmetics, though) and the achievements.

    When you finally learn how to fly without hacking into the walls, it's time to get to the main part of the game - online crashing against other players. Unfortunately, you will experience the same situation here as in the original game, or empty servers with a late player who is either an absolute beginner or a ninja who picks you up while playing pirouettes. Studio definitely has problems with a promotion of the game, well, even though all players of the previous game had a 50% discount on the sequel, there simply are not enough players online to make the multiplayer in this game possible not only as a live one but in general as well. This time there are dedicated servers and matchmaking options, and it's interesting that servers are automatically filled with bots if there are less than six players, making Skirmish somewhat unnecessary.

    What we said about Strike Vector three years ago is valid for his EX-version - this is a game that is very easy to recommend and lose hours in online matches ... if you find an opponent. With one step forward (rebalance, AI opponents) and one step backward (the campaign), the studio managed to stay in place, not only because of the identical look of the two games that are trying to advertise as different. This is a title that has an uncertain future, but it's incredibly fun, so, for now, i recommend you get it only if you already have a team with which you would regularly play.

    5 december 2018 16:27 1625


    9 december 2018 14:24 1625

    cool . good job

    31 december 2018 15:05 1625

    add some important points in this article would be nice

    9 january 2019 12:46 1625

    i think it is worth to be on article section i dont know why they put it here


    9 january 2019 20:35 1625

    cool . good job ,Thanks

    11 january 2019 15:05 1625

    awsome man u are greate

    11 january 2019 15:08 1625

    great job there buddy.

    11 january 2019 18:36 1625

    Well done mate!

    11 january 2019 18:54 1625

    This is "Virtual reality sickness" killer for sure...

    21 january 2019 10:41 1625

    Good review of the game. Should be in the articles section though... thinking of giving it a try but your review saved me money

    3 february 2019 11:49 1625

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