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    Gamehag tips for new users

    Hello. I am berroni, and I use Gamehag for a while. This Article is going to help a lot of beginners, as you can find a lot of interesting tips you can use and become a successful wizard. Before we start, I want you to understand that I am not a creator of any of the pictures you'll see, I've googled them and added them to this article just to make it "look" better. 

    First of all, let's talk about Gamehag. It's a site that offers various rewards absolutely for free, or actually not. There is nothing you can get for free nowadays, so it's the same on Gamehag. For your awards, you have to spend some time - you have to do something and actually, when we think about it Gamehag is giving various rewards for free but it takes your time in return. As you can't work as a doctor while having some other school finished, it's same on Gamehag - you can't play games if you're not a gamer. Gamehag offers everyone a various way of earning Soul Gems, but you can't do all of them, logically, as you can't be Doctor and Fireman at the same time. If you understand the point of what I'm trying to say, great. If you don't, try harder as I won't explain it. 

    The most important things go first, so let's talk about the most important step. Finding your position on Gamehag, finding something that fits you. When I firstly arrived at Gamehag, I tried random things, I tried every single possible way of earning Soul Gems. I was unlucky in most of these ways and at the end, I understood that the best option for me on this site is writing Articles, in my case - writing reviews. I wrote Articles and wrote and wrote, a lot of them got rejected a lot of them got accepted and at the end - I had some rewards. Even though Gamehag rejected a lot of them - I had profit. Why? Well, an explanation is simple. I haven't given up after first or second rejected article, I just kept writing until I improved myself, until I reached the point where every article got accepted to the point where I knew it's going to be accepted before it actually gets accepted. So, what's the point of this chapter? If you haven't managed to understand me well or let's say completely, I'm going to explain this one. Find something that fits you. I repeat that as that is the only thing you need to do to be a successful wizard.

    Now, when you have found something that fits you, let's see what else you can do to improve yourself. Before I say anything, I require from you to ask yourself a simple question: "How can someone improve himself?". Think about that question, and when you figure out three possible ways - keep reading.

    You have three possible ways in your head, and now I am going to talk about my own three ways of improving yourself, three things that you need to learn and control if you want to be a successful wizard. First of these three is - Community. Unfortunately, I already know that almost nobody thought of this as we are all looking just at ourselves, we are all selfish. So, I guess that you're wondering: "How can Community improve myself" right now, so let me explain it quickly. Logically, five wolves are going to hunt down a sheep much easier than one wolf, as they are going to work together. Find friends, man, be communicative, you can't succeed otherwise. Find a group that fits you. Ask that friend, ask that group about tips, ask them about anything you want to know and they are going to guide your way up to the heavens. 

    The second way of improving yourself I'm going to talk about is something very important, so read carefully and understand what you read, as this one is going to help you a lot. Face your fears. You can't succeed in something if you don't try it. Do you think I have started writing articles without fear? I have definitely not, and I was right. The first article I wrote was "Mythic Dungeon guide" and it actually got rejected. Now imagine yourself in that position, in a position of the man fearing of something and that fear becoming true. What would you do? You can say anything you want, but I know that you would most likely stop trying and you would give up. That is definitely not something you should do, as one failure shall never stop you. I haven't stopped on my first failure, and I'm happy I haven't, as I earnt 20000 SG from accepted articles after that even though the first one was a failure. If you fail to complete a quest from some game, don't think that you're not good enough, instead of that you should try another game - a game that you will like more than the previous one and you are definitely going to complete it successfully. 

    The third way of improving yourself, or shall I say the last way I'm going to mention as I don't want this guide to be too long because a lot of readers are gonna say "TL:DR" and just skip it, so let's slowly finish it. The third way is - Invest. When I say Invest, I'm not talking about the money investments, I'm talking about other kinds of Invest. Which other kinds? Think about it, what can you Invest here on Gamehag? Time, man. Your time! 
    Invest your time, practice something, learn something and you're gonna do well. Learning is the only solution of being successful as in Real-Life - as on Gamehag. Turn on your brain and use it, you're gonna reach the top class of wizards. 

    3 december 2018 11:16 1625

    друзьями. Ниже перечислены режимы игры:

    1) Бомба обезвреживается: в этом режиме игры они являются террористами и контртеррористами. КТ постарается разрядить его.

    2) Командный смертельный матч: в этом режиме игры их две команды, и команда с наибольшим количеством убийств выигрывает.

    3) Смертельная схватка: в этом режиме игры они также являются командами,

    28 july 2019 00:07 1625

    Your tips were very helpful

    28 july 2019 01:54 1625

    Nice post! thanks for tips : )

    28 july 2019 11:45 1625

    Güzel mesaj! ipuçları için teşekkürler :)

    28 july 2019 13:28 1625

    useful. thx

    28 july 2019 14:20 1625

    Start posing comments on threads from start because you need to be lvl 3 before redeeming rewards

    28 july 2019 16:23 1625

    i should start writing articles too.

    28 july 2019 17:13 1625

    Great tips, thank you for posting this.

    28 july 2019 20:12 1625

    uhmm i wrote an article today about upcoming pc games which took a lot of time but it got rejected i was like *** because i researched about the topic

    28 july 2019 20:54 1625

    I am new to this site so the kinds of articles are very useful for me.

    29 july 2019 08:03 1625

    Hmm... csak a LOL

    30 july 2019 16:11 1625

    this was very help, thanks!

    31 july 2019 01:27 1625

    TO get Xp faster u want to spam in chat ;D

    1 august 2019 01:00 1625

    thanks,deserves more attention 💯

    3 august 2019 12:14 1625

    lan benim yazdığım article lar neden kabul olmuyor

    3 august 2019 16:58 1625

    Nice one

    3 august 2019 17:56 1625


    3 august 2019 21:31 1625


    3 august 2019 21:58 1625

    i am just joke about my old comment lol💯

    4 august 2019 01:35 1625

    wow love this

    4 august 2019 02:40 1625

    nice tips thanks

    11 august 2019 06:51 1625

    wooow gooood

    11 august 2019 08:22 1625

    Wow thank you for tips.And thaks for this post.Thank you again for tips!

    11 august 2019 19:45 1625

    wow, this is incredibly well written +1

    11 august 2019 21:00 1625

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