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    Misty & MTGArena: How Do We Complete the Quest?

    Misty (or any other staff member who can be of aid), it's clear from the lack of responses, the upvotes on my comment and repeated rejections that a portion of this community has no idea what you're looking for when you say "Finish the tutorial" as a quest objective.

    Doing so is exceptionally easy*.
    Proving it, however, is somewhat challenging.

    If you've yet to play the game, MTG Arena does not display your chosen account name anywhere on its homepage/hub. The homepage is where you are sent after completing the tutorial. As such, there's no way of proving you didn't just grab a random picture of MTGArena off, say, Google Images and upload it... unless you click the "Profile" tab that displays the available avatars, your name and basic currency information at the top.

    Again, this is the only screen (outside of a match) in which your name is actually displayed. You cannot see it in the tutorial, you cannot view it on any other splash page.

    I thought it would be painfully obvious to whomever checks these things that a new account which fulfilled the quest criteria must have all of the following:
    1. Access to the Profile tab
    2. 500 gold
    3. 0 gems

    As such, a screenshot of the profile tab with said currency totals would indicate it is a new account that has completed the tutorial. For those who are unaware, gems are MTGA's "premium" currency and require real-world funds to acquire, while gold is the in-game currency you earn for winning matches; 500 are awarded after completing the tutorial, hence the stipulation regarding your currency totals outlined earlier.

    ...and so, I ask yet again: what is it you want to see in order to complete this quest? I cannot fathom it and the blurb appended to my rejection notification is rather unhelpful: "Something went wrong." Yes, something did: insofar as I can tell, your moderator hasn't played the game else they'd recognize the issue at hand.


    * I said "exceptionally easy" as you can literally skip the entire tutorial, while still receiving all the rewards that an individual who plays through it will acquire. Merely hit Escape and select "Skip the tutorial." You'll be taken to the final rewards page, then deposited onto the game's homepage/hub.

    2 december 2018 00:13 3433

    I appreciate the response, TwoStepsAhead, though it's not particularly germane to my point.

    Aye, I might be able to get my image verified, but that still leaves the issue: how is the quest intended to be completed? I would very much appreciate clarification on that matter, both to save myself the grief and for future reference should others encounter a similar difficulty.

    Also, as noted in my post, the quest is (verbatim): "Finish the tutorial"
    I outlined the trouble one will inevitably encounter in MTGA when attempting to prove that in a single, static image, given the manner in which the game handles accounts.

    2 december 2018 09:20 3433

    Mine was accepted first time. Take a picture of the whole screen. You can take a picture of finishing the tutorial with the rewards on screen, or of the settings where it says “Replay Tutorial”.

    4 december 2018 18:30 3433

    i did with replay tutorial and it was rejected saying ive played the game before with this email .

    5 december 2018 14:46 3433

    Where did you do the registration process?

    11 december 2018 21:49 3433

    You can register in the client or via the MTGA website (https://magic.wizards.com/en/mtgarena).
    I'd recommend using the client, actually, as it requires less input and saves your credentials automatically.

    12 december 2018 14:41 3433

    I went ahead and posted a screenshot of the reward for beating the final tutorial enemy. You can't exactly do that more than once, after all, and I have images of my both registering for the game and facing down each one, if I end up rejected as well. I noted that plenty of people here seem to be having trouble getting their evidence accepted. I have plenty of backups, if need be.

    ...I'd recommend that everyone else do the same. Hopefully that will work out better than just using the main screen that is the main menu after the tutorial.

    13 december 2018 10:05 3433

    Hey Graye007,
    I think that the screenshot of your profile tab, where your nickname is visible, should be enough for completing this task :).

    18 december 2018 11:01 3433

    @Karcia --- So, you would recommend re-submitting it for the third time?

    18 december 2018 17:46 3433


    I'm not sure how that's even remotely germane to the thread, but thanks for the input... I suppose.

    Personally, I believe it's one of the best iterations of Magic the Gathering in a digital format yet (barring Duels of the Planeswalkers, which had 2-Headed Giant and other multiplayer functionality that Arena lacks and has no plans to add); if you're struggling with the 1-versus-1 format or the recent inclusion of the ladder, my advice would be to simply grind your daily tasks and purchase Dominaria packs with the gold. You should be able to buy at least one pack each day. You can flesh out the basic Merfolk and Red-Burn decks to become at least moderately competitive. Given some time, you'll even be capable of constructing some mid-tier aggro (white-weenies, in particular) using what's available in the starters.

    Try to avoid becoming discouraged when you're beaten by cards from veteran players; I know, losing to a Mythic or Rare card (Nexus of Fate, any of the planeswalkers, etc) you've never even seen before, much less can counter, is a wretched feeling... but that's merely the advantage of an experienced-player fighting a relative newcomer. Try the ladder ("Ranked Play") for more balanced games, as the simple "Play" button can and will pair you up against absolutely anyone.

    11 january 2019 07:19 3433

    I took a screenshot of the victory screen right after tutorial completion. I actually had to do it twice. Now I'm on level 3, which is "win 6 battles" but I can't figure out where that'd be listed at.

    19 march 2019 01:35 3433

    Interesting, where i can download this ?XDDD

    29 march 2019 23:47 3433

    Same here, keep getting rejected .. i don't know what to do ...

    30 march 2019 13:15 3433

    you have to register with the proved link and use same or similar nick here ,

    20 april 2019 11:12 3433

    lol me I dropped after the third try. There much more games to try :/

    26 july 2019 19:58 3433

    Mission has ended but I couldnt deliver the ss

    22 november 2019 15:15 3433

    Can someone pls help what do i need to screenshot in the third task (win 6 battles)?

    24 november 2019 17:55 3433

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