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    Portal 2 Co-op or singleplayer.. in 2018

    I bought it on black Friday, for myself and one for my friend,
    We couldn't stop playing it..

    I know I'm a bit late with this review, but i just bought it and played it though, so here's what I think about it in 2018
    Im going to talk about the co-op first:

    First the gameplay:

    When I bought it, we played thought the whole story in 7 hours, in just 1 day, it was a lot of fun.
    We really liked that you were able to use the F key to point at stuff like buttons, boxes etc.
    The Co-op portal gun was done really good, where the two players have different portals, so instead of having 2 portals (like in the singleplayer) you have 4 portals! Which allow you to solve bigger and longer puzzles, where you need a lot of team work!
    (picture of us screwing around with lasers)

    There's also a lot of workshop maps, we found a racetrack, where we spent around 2 or 3 hours just running around it. (here's the map, if you are interested: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=115869888 )
    The levels weren't that hard at the start, but at the end it took us a while to figure stuff out, the last few levels were really hard, some of them took more that 30 minutes to complete.
    We really enjoyed the "gel" levels, it was more fun than challenging.

    The Co-op story:

    I wont spoil anything not that there's anything to spoil. It wasn't anything special, if you want a good story, then you should play the singleplayer instead of the co-op. 

    The only thing that I don't really like about the co-op is the character customization, the items costs real money (it's a valve game, no surprise to be honest) but they costs way to much. Some items were around 5€, which would be fine in a game like team fortress 2 or Counter Strike: Global Offensive, because in those games, more people can see your items and they are more useful (in cs:go the skins are useless, but they at least look really nice). In portal 2, only 1 person (and you) can see your skins in game, and they don't even look that good.

    The Singleplayer:

    Oh boy this was a lot of fun, challenging levels, good story, awesome characters!

    The story:
    (I wont spoil anything, don't worry)

    My favorite character was wheatley (obviously). I remember watching a playthough of this game ages ago, the only thing that I remembered from that, were the characters, I completely forgot the story, so the ending was a surprise.

    The game had a lot of funny moments too, especially at the start, when you first meet wheatley. This game has one of the best ending credits that I've seen, it was really unexpected.

    Singleplayer gameplay:

    The gameplay is what you would expect from a portal game, you have a portal gun, and you have to solve puzzles with it. simple right? Not really..

    The starting maps were really easy, for starters it's a great start I guess, but for me (i played the co-op first then the singleplayer) was actually annoying, I was able to beat levels under 1-2 minutes at the start. The more I played it, more game mechanics came in the levels were longer and harder. Here's a few game mechanics:
    • Turrets, that shoot at you, these are one my favorite enemies in the gaming history
      • They have great and funny voice lines
    • You will have to face a lot of lasers, at some points it will be really confusing
    • buttons, there are four different buttons:
      • 1. there's the "normal" button, which is activated when a box or the player is standing on it
      • 2. The "box" button, which will only work if a box is on it, the player can't activate it by standing on it
      • 3. The "ball" button, which will only work if a ball is on the button
      • 4. The "extra normal" button , which is just a button that you can activate if you look at it and press E on your keyboard
    • There are also catapults, if you stand on then they will launch you into the air, usually forward not just straight up
    • And theres the gel, which can be put on any surface, and it makes you faster, makes you jump higher, or makes "un-portalable' surfaces, 'portalable".
      • The blue portal makes you jump higher
      • The orange one makes you faster
      • The white one makes "portalable" surfaces
      • There's water, which removes every gel that it hits.

    The boss fight wasn't that hard, it was actually easier than some levels, which was weird for me, but it wasn't that big of deal.

    Level creating:

    I tested this feature soon as i got the game, I didn't made any playable levels, because the controls were pretty hard. If you play around with it for a while, you might get good at it.

    The game in a nutshell:

    The co-op is well done in my opinion, the only thing that I don't like is the customization.
    The gameplay is good as it can be, its a lot of fun with friends (and without them) and there's a lot of challenging levels.
    People are still making levels for this game, so you can always find a new and fun map.
    The singleplayer was better then in the first game (in my opinion), so if you like puzzles and good story games, this game is for you!

    Co-op: 9 out of 10
    Singleplayer: 10 out of 10

    Thanks for reading this, hope you can decide if this game is for you or not. Have a great day!

    1 december 2018 15:12 1625

    nice man very cool

    1 december 2018 15:32 1625

    ive never tried this game but id love to

    10 december 2018 00:23 1625

    Co-op is really fun if you have a good friend to play it with

    13 december 2018 15:14 1625

    Nice very cool

    19 december 2018 23:33 1625

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