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    Can I get sg for making coments and topicks

    who can tell me this thing?

    30 november 2018 13:12 1628

    No, but you will get XP from commenting on forums, by which you can level up

    30 november 2018 16:51 1628

    You just earn exp from comments, but proved article give you gems at least 250.. you can comment on both forum and article..

    2 october 2020 16:25 1628

    Oh yeah, btw you can do tutorials from Misty if u still dont understand how it works. Tutorial give you gems, try it!

    2 october 2020 16:27 1628

    Im new here, I want some robux im just grinding and you said something about ban? , Idk what you mean but I don't really know oof.

    2 october 2020 17:02 1628

    Do I get gems from commenting?

    2 october 2020 17:03 1628

    FluteMaster I think you should calm down, he's obviously new here and was just asking a question, no offensive language was used. You, however, went and targeted his upbringing for no reason.

    2 october 2020 20:35 1628

    No but you can get xp

    2 october 2020 21:44 1628

    @MookGamer I think you misunderstood the situation, I never targeted his upbringing, I targeted his lack of netiquette (netiquette is a basically just a bunch of rules which you must follow if you're interacting with strangers on the internet), I never accused him of saying something offensive, I was never pointing fingers at anyone with ill intent, I just found it annoying how @larjoh didn't read the previous comments which answered his question so I basically just answered @larjoh's question while giving him advice on how to get more SG and warning him about the gamehag banning system.
    You, on the other hand, are instigating me for something which I had never done.

    3 october 2020 14:11 1628

    u csn get exp

    3 october 2020 14:20 1628

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