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    How to earn SGs (Soul Gems)

    There is no way to make fast and big sg in a short time. but there are task you can do to earn sg
    1.from playing game (it is important to check daily sg bonus on games some can even give 40%)
    2.gold bat (trick is when someone a few seconds ago claim prize)
    3.contracts (you have to be really honest or else the next time you cant do it again)
    4.daily login (20sg for 7day straight log in)
    5.daily steam chest (potential to earn sg up to 1k)
    6.weekly chest (most of them are runes to get bonus sg)
    7.monthly chest (requirement need to get 1000sg before you time runs out)
    8.Gamehag code(can only use every 5days)
    9.Write an article (new and original and not a copy&paste)
    10.Appzone (theres a daily limit)
    11.Report spam 1sg for every report. Usually newest ones
    Hope this helps

    30 november 2018 07:20 1628

    Great thread for new user.

    30 november 2018 07:26 1628

    how you get Gamehag code ?

    30 november 2018 07:37 1628

    someone would post the code in forum.

    30 november 2018 07:52 1628

    gamehag's facebook or twitter.

    30 november 2018 07:55 1628

    Now there's no golden bat. Hopefully Misty might add them back soon

    25 march 2020 09:17 1628

    Idk i ask the same question XD

    25 march 2020 10:36 1628

    Jesus christus this old conversation

    25 march 2020 11:24 1628

    this for this its so helpfull

    25 march 2020 11:33 1628

    Well some of them are still useful. Take report spam for example, it is still applicable today beccause i've testedd it my self

    25 march 2020 11:36 1628

    Still useful even though its old cheers man

    25 march 2020 11:50 1628

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