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    The guessing game

    Don't play it. It might look tempting but don't i lost 200 sg.

    27 november 2018 19:30 1628

    I mean, it's usually a bad idea to gamble, especially since you spend at lieast 100 SG on that thing.... but if you get lucky, well, good for you. But i wouldn't recommend it trying it either

    27 november 2018 23:44 1628

    well unless you want to try your luck otherwise don't play it, for once I won over 1000 gems but then lose them all
    and those gems you lost may could exchange with some other rewards or chest

    if you just got your 100 gems and wanted to try your luck just do it to see if you could get 200 gems or more (if you're lucky)

    29 november 2018 03:04 1628

    The guessing game is not available here but does it help to get gems faster?

    29 november 2018 05:00 1628

    well it's a gamble. if you win, then yes. but there's a chance you lose your gems

    29 november 2018 05:19 1628

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