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    I cant gain XP on gamehag to get to level 3

    i did some quests but they dont grant me xp, please help me with this problem, im not a frog also

    5 september 2023 13:41 1628

    u dont get xp for the quests you get xp for the comments...

    8 september 2023 05:20 1628

    How, i've not gained a single exp point from any comments

    8 september 2023 18:09 1628

    last time i made a comment i put a typo so i deleted it and made a new one and it took xp 😔

    10 september 2023 06:27 1628

    me too , there is no jobs available

    10 september 2023 14:35 1628

    i dont get any exp i leave a comment but i am level 1 %0 i didnt get it what am ı suppose to do

    11 september 2023 05:38 1628

    well, you get some luck if you can get some SG, they will keep rejecting your screenshot and don't rewarding you

    13 september 2023 22:55 1628

    yes all things are lie thay said neolpar. u're right.

    18 april 2024 10:59 1628

    guys how to get xp fast

    19 april 2024 12:54 1628

    You cant get exp right now because the whole site is broken. You also cant get SG or prevent turning into a frog/toad. Staff is doing absolutely nothing about it and just ignoring anyone that eants answers, having also shut down the support system so no questions will ever go to them anymore. They've abandoned the site, and probably will close it soon enough at this rate. They're just trying yo push as many people as possible on Earnweb at this point.

    19 april 2024 14:00 1628

    GAMERU thats really fuckin a **** bro

    20 april 2024 06:51 1628

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