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    Reward rejected

    I got a rejection for this one because 'I haven't registered an account'? How do I do that? I can't find anywhere in the game to actually create an account? Not sure if I am missing something? Has anyone had this accepted?

    14 february 2023 21:28 8534

    Someone took the time to down vote my post but not even provide a response? Has anyone successfully completed this one?

    15 february 2023 09:45 8534

    I'm on android, and I clicked the play button and it took me to the playstore. I downloaded the game it took me to, but it was called "Merge Defense Adventures." It wasn't the right game...

    26 april 2023 09:41 8534

    I was unable to complete

    29 april 2023 20:16 8534

    oof maybe try again

    13 may 2023 21:07 8534

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