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    Castle Lvl 6 keeps getting rejected?? ***

    It keeps getting rejected, I have adblock off, it's a new account, no VPN, etc and they still keep rejecting it. are the mods blind??

    11 march 2022 22:08 4117

    me too, but my first quest acepted.
    I dont have idea what happening.

    12 march 2022 06:20 4117

    it says for me to get reward and use it in game

    3 october 2022 13:30 4117

    same here, and I can’t figure out how to contact support

    5 october 2022 00:06 4117

    Anyone had any success with this? I got rejected twice and my castle is already at L7.

    5 october 2022 02:56 4117

    Same thing keeps happening to me. What does, "You need to get the reward and use it in the game" mean?!?!? What reward? All it says to do is upgrade your castle to level 6. I've already completed the next level as well so I guess that was a waste of time.

    5 october 2022 10:16 4117

    And how the **** do you talk to a human being here? This stupid chat bot is pointless!

    5 october 2022 10:17 4117

    Indeed. Pls share if anyone figure out where to connect with a real person to solve this (and other) rejected tasks

    6 october 2022 02:09 4117

    FYI: https://gamehag.com/contact

    6 october 2022 05:48 4117

    Someone finally got it ? Isn't working for me either

    1 november 2022 22:38 4117

    Yep. Same here.

    9 november 2022 02:37 4117

    Same happened to me :/

    10 november 2022 11:41 4117

    happened to me

    11 november 2022 02:29 4117

    Gosh same i even made a brand new account and started all over again but it still keeps getting rejected

    21 january 2023 23:43 4117

    I used the link from Cxer (FYI: https://gamehag.com/contact) for sending the massage and after that my quest 2 got accepted. I send the screenshot for quest 2 second time and also send a message that there is an error with the quest and now my quest got accepted.

    22 january 2023 20:43 4117

    the same thing happened to me my level 6 castle quest also got rejected.

    16 february 2023 04:58 4117

    hey guys, so what you need to do is take a screenshot of your whole screen, then you can blur out bits you dont want to show. it will say you havent made a new account unless you do this. hope this helps!

    4 march 2023 17:18 4117

    This is actually bullshit, even if you screenshot the whole screen it won't accept, and they didn't even bother to specify what reward. At this point just contact support.

    10 april 2023 03:37 4117

    You have to verify your email first! You won't automatically receive an email, though, instead you have to go to https://www.gtarcade.com and verify your email there. Then, your quest should be accepted. Hope this helps!

    10 may 2023 03:34 4117

    mine just says waiting to be verified, for the past 2 days. but i did just verify my gtarcade acct so hopefully that helps it comfirm.

    10 may 2023 04:54 4117

    If you received an error saying "Refresh the page and try again" It is because you need to wait a bit before trying again!

    10 may 2023 21:36 4117

    This whole site is a waste of time. You can do everything right and they'll still reject your quests. I also got verified for the first quest but got rejected for the second one even though it's the same account. The site also rejected my Yahtzee screenshot saying it needed to be a new Yahtzee account even though it literally was a new account and I downloaded the game through the Gamehag mobile app. Contacting support doesn't help either because it's a dumb bot that won't help you, it just tells you to do the same steps over and over again even when it doesn't work. I learned my lesson, don't even bother with Gamehag anymore.

    16 may 2023 03:48 4117

    I've verified my content and at level 9 yet my level 6 castle got rejected and does any one know the exact route to lvl 3? like what are the requirements to leveling up?

    22 may 2023 21:28 4117

    Same exact thing here. The first quest was accepted and the screenshot I used for level 6 castle is literally the same exact screen just with a level 6 castle. Tried a few times and it just keeps getting rejected. I'm going to assume they have some other criteria for this that is not represented and as with everything on this site, it is cryptic and impossible to figure out.

    31 may 2023 22:49 4117

    hey guys, so what you need to do is take a screenshot of your whole screen, then you can blur out bits you dont want to show. it will say you havent made a new account unless you do this. hope this helps!

    31 may 2023 23:16 4117

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