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    I am the only one?

    Everytime i upload my screenshot i Just get rejected for no reason and the only thing that misty could Say is 5 reason but none of them is a reason for my upload because i checked it a lot of Times and i've written about it and still nothing happened.

    20 november 2018 21:09 2176

    same here

    21 november 2018 01:54 2176

    My screenshot got rejected for no reason too.

    28 december 2018 18:19 2176

    Guys all you have to do is to take a fullhd screenshot of your stats section in-game. If it gets rejected then talk to Misty. My task 1 and 2 got rejected everytime but when I spoke to misty they solved my problem and accepted my tasks.

    30 december 2018 10:09 2176

    I am still getting the same issue here. How are the tasks reviewed? If they are done manually then there is a serious problem.

    1 january 2019 22:30 2176

    meh sometimes i dont even get an answer.

    2 january 2019 15:28 2176

    same, they gotta fix it

    3 january 2019 05:38 2176

    Im having major issues too

    3 january 2019 08:06 2176

    It seems that every gaijin game has this problem

    3 january 2019 13:37 2176

    full hd is that 1920x1080 ?

    3 january 2019 18:15 2176

    The screenshots I send were 1600x900. They just have to clearly display everything on the screen. If the screenshot doesn't work, make sure you send a ticket and make sure you put in as much detail as possible. The details I put in are: the game, the task, how the screenshot shows I have completed the task, and how my username is clearly displayed. It's what I've done and it has worked the majority of times. Good luck :)

    4 january 2019 11:13 2176


    19 january 2019 22:40 2176

    Can you only rely on luck to complete the task?

    22 january 2019 15:26 2176

    Check your name, is it the same as gamehag name?

    23 january 2019 09:06 2176

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