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    What is quest 2 and 3?

    Ty in advance

    20 november 2018 07:36 3245

    no idea, they keep refusing my quest 1 saying i need to create a new account, and i did yesterday, but still got the same refusal.

    21 november 2018 21:33 3245

    My ticket 'Hi, can you accept my task for maplestory 2? I created a new account through the website link but still was rejected. I highly doubt waiting again would get my task accepted as with every other task I had to contact misty to get accepted.'
    Misty's response 'Please, keep in mind that only new players are able to complete tasks from games. We strive to provide equal chances for everyone, so we can accept screenshot only if you haven't played the game before. Please, create a NEW account in that game, and upload a new screenshot.'

    I'm pretty sure I'm not blind and said I created a new account

    21 november 2018 22:19 3245

    I didn't have any problems, You should take a screenshot when your on the same level that's required.

    22 november 2018 22:08 3245

    quest 2 is to reach level 10. and quest 3 is to get to level 15

    23 november 2018 01:36 3245

    This task may be completed only on a mobile device with Androidsystem!dss

    25 november 2018 07:08 3245

    ty for lvl 3

    4 september 2019 14:29 3245

    I want to homework

    11 october 2019 19:17 3245

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