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    Leveling Up

    How do you level up

    10 november 2018 12:02 1628

    You can level up by doing tasks, playing games, writting comments or voting on articles. Just make sure not to spam!! If you spam, you can get ban!


    10 november 2018 13:21 1628

    Comment, answer questions, do everything basically.

    10 november 2018 20:29 1628

    Commenting on Forums is a good way, but I'd recommend completing tasks. Not only will you get SGs, but you'll also get loads of XP

    10 november 2018 21:01 1628

    you get very few xp from commenting on chat. When you're in higher levels you earn less XP from comments, so the forum is good for early lvls only. In my experience, the best way to lvl up is by playing games. You earn WAY more xp that way and lvl up quickly.

    11 november 2018 01:06 1628

    Write up to 10 comments per day for xp.

    11 november 2018 01:34 1628

    What do i get when i lvl up

    11 november 2018 01:49 1628

    You will get repported by everyone ya know kszabi98

    11 november 2018 11:44 1628

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