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    How to Get Your Article Accepted

       Writing articles on Gamehag is one of the better ways to earn gems. However to earn gems from writing articles you have to contribute something of acceptable quality that doesn't violate one of Gamehag's core rules. This post is to help guide those who want to write for the site. It also will act as a way of recognizing why your article may have been rejected. It also goes into detail about what voters tend to like and what moderators look at as disqualifications. Reading this before you write an article will help you write an article that will be published.

    What Do I Write?

    Write About What You Know

       Maybe if you've played a game recently you can write a review of it. Perhaps you have some niche knowledge about a competitive game that you could share. If you're really good at a competitive game like League of Legends and you have REAL tips on how to play a certain champion or a role.
       Often there are article submissions that are written by people who don't actually know what they are talking about. When this happens it's really obvious. Don't write an article about League of Legends if you're Bronze 5. And don't write a review of a game you've barely played. I would never dream of writing an article on CS:GO because I'm terrible at the game. And I'd never write a review of Virtua Fighter because I've never played the game.

    Don't Write About Something That Has Already Been Done

       Something that plagues the proposed article section are Roblox articles.  There are dozens of Roblox articles already on this site. And most of these articles say the same thing over and over again. Your version of "What is Roblox" or "Roblox Tips" will likely get rejected by voters. It has already been done and you aren't contributing anything new.
       However you shouldn't be scared to review a game that has already been reviewed on the site. While we don't want a hundred reviews of the same game having a handful isn't a bad thing. A review is a subjective article and having multiple opinions is not a bad thing.

    Why Was My Article Rejected?

    It is important to know the rules otherwise you article could be rejected before anyone even reads it.
    The following are the reasons you article may be rejected.
    These reasons are more or less what moderators use as disqualification criteria.

    No Article Pictures
    Large Amount of Spelling / Grammar Issues
    Bad Title
    Overdone Topic
    Poor Article Structure

       In addition to this sometimes articles are rejected because they are simply... bad
    You don't have to write like Faulkner but if your article reads like something Curious George wrote on elephant tranquilizer then you have a problem. The occasional grammar or spelling error isn't a deal breaker but when these errors become distracting the article will be taken down.
        A very common mistake is done with game reviews. Often someone will write a game review that summarizes the entire story, tells you what you do, and then simply says "This game was good". The "review" doesn't have an actual review in it. Summations of stories can be found on any wiki. Write why you think the game was good or bad. Give good well thought out analysis of of the strong and weak components of a game. Give details on the vibe and atmosphere and make sure you write more exposition than summary.

    What Do Voters Look For?

    Making it through the process means making it through community voters. After reading many comments and seeing which articles have made it past the initial phase there are patterns to what the general population likes.

    The Voters Like Pictures
    Most voters don't actually read the entire article, they are just looking to see if the article looks nice. Pictures help with this and increase the visual appeal of your piece. Having pictures between every major section increase your approval rate significantly.

    The Voters Hate Re submissions
    If your article has been rejected and you revise it and resubmit the voters are much less accepting.
    In my case I had to get rid of a link to an outside source on a Rocksmith article. After having my article rejected by moderators I revised the article. The second time around it took much longer to be approved by voters. And the article had many negative comments about how I submitted the article before. If you are submitting something make sure to get it right the first time. Otherwise your chances for approval will go down.

    Voters Like Proper Formatting
    Put headings, put proper spacing, and plan out a structure to you article beforehand.

    What is the Process?

        Articles go through multiple stages to get approved. Initially they go through the voting process that is open to all members of gamehag. Then the automated system takes a look at the articles. It scans for things like phrases in foreign languages and profanities. After this moderators take a look at the articles and decide whether or not the article is of good enough quality to publish. While the criteria is static there will be discrepancies in what articles are considered good enough quality for the site. For example, I am probably much more likely to reject an article than nearly any other English moderator. For the most part however, good work will make it through the process. If your article is rejected take time to reflect on what you did wrong and resubmit the article. If you put in enough effort you will definitely find your article on the front page.

    9 november 2018 16:41 1625

    This TBH.

    As a moderator, I'm looking for articles with good formatting.
    If your article was rejected, first check and fix its formatting.
    Learn how to use HTML Formatting, and it will give your article a higher chance of it being accepted.

    Secondly, ensure that your article has GOOD QUALITY PICTURES.
    An article with minimal to no pictures, small, or blurry pictures is less likely to be accepted.

    Here is a list of reasons as to why your article might be rejected.

    • No article picture.

    • Several spelling mistakes.

    • Topic of article is not related to portal.

    • Duplicated topic.

    • Plagiarism.

    • Offensive language.

    • Spam.

    • Overuse of colourful/large fonts.

    • Overdoing the formatting.

    • Poor text structure [No paragraphs, Wall of text, etc.]

    • Referral Links/Advertising Bad Sites.

    Cross check your article with this list and fix any of the issues with it before submitting it for review.

    By doing so, your article will have a greater chance of being approved.
    Hope this is helpful to you!

    9 november 2018 17:01 1625

    Oh man, i feel like this could've been an article by itself. Pictures, useful tips, format and everything. I'd accept an article for making articles 😂😂

    11 november 2018 06:58 1625

    Technically, this is an article.
    It was submitted to me as an article to be evaluated.

    Moderators have 3 options to choose from when evaluating an article:

    1. Reject.
    [For mediocre submissions]

    2. Accept, but post it on the article page.
    [For submissions which are decent, but not outstanding]

    3. Accept, but post it on the Forums, under the "From Users" section.
    [For articles which are superb and outstanding]

    This was what was briefed to me.
    Since this submission was extremely helpful to users, I selected the third option [For it to be posted on the Forums].

    12 november 2018 05:16 1625

    unfortunately, some users don't even check the writer's name and if saw one article in one day they will assume it is plagiarism. users vote are not in the moderator's section.

    29 january 2019 20:48 1625

    pretty much what scaretcher said....my article didnt have any of these reasons so it would be good to know for what reason it got rejected. I had one article that passed through users and rejected by Mods....reason was spelling mistakes....there were none!! But I guessed it was because I had links to a website. This was before I knew you couldn't do that. So I revised it and sent it again and it was rejected by users !!! I thought I had passed Lvl 1 already??? Though we do put some power in users hands I think once it passes Lvl 1 and gets rejected by Mods the revised articles should go back to Mods and not go through the cycle again.

    Also I have seen many a article that was really bad, I won't name names but the structure was awful and really poor English- yet they have 4 or 5 articles published??

    30 january 2019 00:50 1625

    scarecher - we don't find out who rejected our articles so how do you know it was me?
    2ndly, when I say paragraphs were stolen I back it up with website links
    3rdly, I don't think articles can get rejected by just one person saying so. The mods must check n verify or anyone can just click all of them to be spam.

    Post which article it was and it might jog my memory and if it was indeed me I will show you where the paragraph was stolen from.

    30 january 2019 19:29 1625

    I wrote three articles that have been rejected for spam lately, and yet there is nothing in the least that ressembles spam in them. I tried reuploading them and got the same result. Either the website is being a ripoff or something is wrong with the algorithm. In any case, I'll reupload them and see what happens.

    1 february 2019 14:00 1625

    @MrGamer789 - that's a good point! I have seen many articles with just the same paragraph or sentence repeated over and over again down the page. I wonder if this is an algorithm issue as obviously this will look like spam.

    1 february 2019 16:10 1625

    @scaretcher what makes you say that? Are you still going on about getting rejected? Grow up and get over it.

    1 february 2019 17:58 1625

    @scaretcher There is nothing "wrong" with me. I don't take kindly to rude and abusive comments. Just don't talk to me ever again, would be appreciated.

    1 february 2019 18:56 1625

    I mean voters are just the users so you should just write what you would just like,because they are not judges of a huge contest.

    28 february 2019 17:06 1625

    i wrote an article but admins sayd me that my article was spam abd what can i do

    7 march 2019 22:23 1625

    This actually is helpful. I have gotten a article accepted and I am working on another one. Thank you man. You are a legend.

    8 march 2019 15:12 1625

    Nice. I was actually looking for some tips, since i try to submit 3 articles and all of them got rejected. Thank you for that. ✌

    3 may 2019 06:17 1625

    @Jermistv If you would like to submit articles written in another language, click the three dots on the top right, then select "Change Language".

    8 may 2019 05:42 1625

    I wrote a article but it was rejected, but reading this article I realised I've done that I couldn't. Next time I write something the chances of being aproved are bigger.

    14 may 2019 19:13 1625

    I wrote three articles that have been rejected for spam lately, and yet there is nothing in the least that ressembles spam in them. I tried reuploading them and got the same result. Either the website is being a ripoff or something is wrong with the algorithm. In any case, I'll reupload them and see what happens.

    27 may 2019 18:41 1625

    i mean its quite complex for my opinion

    2 june 2019 17:39 1625

    Quite complex...

    13 july 2019 18:09 1625


    13 july 2019 19:48 1625

    sounds cool

    14 july 2019 01:02 1625

    nice complex

    14 july 2019 01:02 1625

    +rep man ı lıke your prof

    14 july 2019 01:02 1625

    its awsome game ı like playyy

    14 july 2019 01:02 1625

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