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    Game Tasks Question

    Hello, since I am new to the site I ve wanted to ask do the games in the task zone update or the tasks change with time?

    8 november 2018 12:45 1628

    The tasks are always the same. What may happen is that sometimes they take away the game from the website, so you can't complete more tasks from there. Once you completed a task, you can't go back to it, nor can you re-do it to earn more SG. Hope I answered your question =)

    11 november 2018 03:29 1628

    I see, thank you :)

    11 november 2018 06:32 1628

    Welcome new guy:)

    12 november 2018 16:14 1628

    Have patience new guy😀

    13 november 2018 00:38 1628

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