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    14 november 2021 06:30 1628

    You know that this is forbidden right?

    14 november 2021 11:12 1628

    @pavel_hristov what do you mean by "forbidden"? Is it written in their TOS?

    14 november 2021 12:48 1628

    oh is it? I have no idea. I saw someone did this in an article. how do I remove this thread?

    14 november 2021 13:57 1628

    @Morthlog As far as I know it is (although I haven't read it myself). The moderators have full right to remove XP for this/ban you if you've done it enough times, to be considered as spamming. I've seen it countless times here on the forum.

    15 november 2021 06:24 1628

    I'm not a bew user silly! I'm a new user! c: however I take Pavel's word and not take it

    15 november 2021 08:06 1628

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