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    From 1 to 10 rate this game

    I rate it 8, really like the music

    12 november 2021 18:40 2854

    same, my rating of this game is 8.

    8 january 2022 12:31 2854

    I rate it 8 1/2 because the game itself is good as well as the song that it offers but if there was a bit more updating to the game, I feel like it could go in the right direction.

    8 january 2022 14:08 2854

    i'd put it at an 8 its very satisfying and the music is good

    7 january 2023 03:10 2854

    Please share more information, and I'd be happy to give my rating and thoughts on the game!

    1 august 2023 14:45 2854

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