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    How does the Guessing Game work?

    So i just reached lvl 3 and i wanted to find out how does the guessing game work. Do i lose any gems in the process? Is it even worth it? Please, and thank you!

    1 november 2018 17:44 1628

    didn't even know about the existence of the guessing game lol

    1 november 2018 19:01 1628

    It's similar to a roulette wheel, you place your bet, if your colour comes up you win, if not you lose the gems you bet. Only bet what you're willing to lose.

    1 november 2018 21:21 1628

    A simple betting system, you bet on half (little bit less) for twice reward, or third (bit less again) for trice and a samml bit for big reward. As you guessed, your chance is actually less then the reward, so the house always wins in the long run. Don't play it, you will just lose your SGs.

    2 november 2018 01:00 1628

    thanks for the advice!

    2 november 2018 20:58 1628

    I've certainly made more gems than lost, but it is a slow process to do so. I've gotten lucky twice with betting on the yellow triangles which boosted win/lose ratio. It's something fun to do if you're not working towards any particular goal. I'm working towards something worth 17999 soul gems, so I don't play all that often as I don't want to be further delaying the reward.

    My recommendation for a betting strategy is to pick a colour, start off with the 100sg bet, if you lose, move to the 200sb bet, then the 500sg bet. Every win starts back at the 100. Reduces the amount lost if you use that strategy, however, it isn't fool proof.

    29 march 2020 00:59 1628

    If you get 8 loss in a row then you lose 100+200+400+800+1600+3200+6400+12800= infinity Better not do that algorithm. My advice is not to do any types of bet :D

    29 march 2020 01:11 1628

    If only I could reach a higher level without dealing with level loss so I could actually see this stuff...

    12 january 2021 15:24 1628

    I've won x2 100 gems on the white one, I don't understand the term 'multiply your soulgems' because my soulgems didn't increase one bit.

    1 march 2021 07:23 1628

    hw are you

    1 march 2021 08:27 1628

    i dont know why :(

    1 march 2021 23:42 1628

    It is rigged, dont try it

    29 march 2021 00:08 1628

    I also had not been aware of this feature. Good to know, thanks.

    6 may 2021 14:29 1628

    you you kimnjh

    6 may 2021 14:47 1628

    viye kaybıyla uğraşmadan daha yüksek bir seviyeye ulaşabilsem, bu şeyleri gerçekten görebilseydim

    6 may 2021 15:55 1628

    I'm not sure what game that is sorry my dude

    6 may 2021 21:13 1628

    If you're looking for the guessing game, you can find it here: https://gamehag.com/guessing-game

    9 may 2021 05:07 1628

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