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    Hey! I have been patiently collecting gems so I could get the 50€ Steam gift card. Now when I finally reached my goal the site tells me "this reward is currently unavailable". The 20€ gift card has also been unavailable ever since I had enough gems for that too. I have requested activation but I don't really have my hopes up. Is my only chance to start requesting the smaller 10$ cards or should I wait?

    31 october 2018 00:40 1628

    There has been talk that the € Steam cards will be back in-stock "soon". As to when this will be I have no idea so all we can really do is wait. I suggest you wait unless you have a burning need for some cash on Steam.

    31 october 2018 02:13 1628

    Thank you for the reply. I wasn't able to find any information, but if they are coming back at some point i guess i will wait for some time :)

    31 october 2018 02:46 1628

    #omigmig_pro spam is not allowed! You have been reported and blacklisted for spamming/asing for gems/off topic on the forum/forum thread!


    14 june 2019 12:43 1628

    I agree with you all steam gift card is unavailable Admin should do somthing about that

    22 june 2019 15:51 1628

    I contacted support and got a standart response stating:
    "Hi! We are constantly trying to expand the pool of available prizes on our portal, unfortunately, we are not able to determine the exact date of activation of the rewards mentioned by you. Follow the Prizes tab, perhaps in the near future, the product you would like to get will be available!"

    12 july 2019 15:39 1628

    Help me to buy a Robux please?

    9 november 2019 17:03 1628

    why i cant buy robux

    2 december 2019 13:22 1628

    Same I Want Robux But i cant buy it says its currently unavabile

    6 december 2019 16:17 1628

    Does anyone know when the visa cards will be available again? I wanted to get the $10 one but it's unavailable

    6 december 2019 22:51 1628

    Robux always unavailable ugh

    6 december 2019 23:36 1628

    same i made enough for the 50 robux one but yet i cant exchange my gems for the robux

    7 january 2020 01:21 1628

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