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    Register via the "PLAY FOR FREE" button, confirm your account in the email, and then Win 15 battles

    Always get rejected

    Dude I just followed every instruction, I play 15 battles, but still I get rejected?

    27 october 2018 12:04 2176

    What kind of screenshot did you provide? I find that for a screenshot to be approved it pretty much HAS to show both the gamewindow and the Gamehag website AT THE SAME TIME (for example 50/50 screensplit) and adding arrows etc. to make the required info stand out a bit more isn't harming your chances either. Hope this helps...

    27 october 2018 13:56 2176

    I thought of windowd mode... but 50/50 split may be a good idea, if the smaller screen isnt to hard on gamehags apparently already very horrible eye sight. sigh.

    28 october 2018 23:12 2176

    don't do this game been trying to get the first task completed for a week now, tried the windowed mode thing where you see both Gamehag/Crossout account on the screenshot with colors and arrow but it is always rejected

    30 october 2018 13:37 2176

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