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    Misty should be banned

    whoever created misty should be banned,this bot is so useless for those tasks and for war thunder,I uploaded like 5-6 times screenshots with my gamehag profile and it keep rejected,guess what guys misty said? upload another screenshot and wait :) ? really? it will solve the problem? if not contact me again,ok I contact misty again,and guess what. upload another screenshot and if it's rejected contact with me again? what is this support? I mean I'm sure I'm not the only one that complain about it why they don't solve the bot issue problem....

    25 october 2018 07:59 2176

    I found that you pretty much have to show BOTH the game and Gamehag website in the same screen at the same time and highlight the required info to get accepted.
    Example of what I do: https://gyazo.com/35b7f3978e672cdcad1f00fc59591945

    As for Misty; she's a bot designed to isolate the problem from the user and create a ticket for him/her. I like to think Misty as a middle"man" of sorts. Sure she needs improvements as do all bots.

    26 october 2018 17:37 2176

    I didn't think you red my thread "I uploaded like 5-6 times screenshots with my gamehag profile and it keep rejected"

    26 october 2018 17:41 2176

    I uploaded the same screenshot as you like 3-4 times and she is telling me keep uploading again over and over again?this is a support? no man.

    26 october 2018 17:42 2176

    I haven't got problem talking to misty when I got problem with League of Angels 3 rewards rejected. You can send a ticket to ask the reason why your screenshot is rejected or talk to her via the chat box since she is auto added to your friend list. Just remember that your name in the game must be similar or same as the nickname you use in gamehag, you must capture the whole screen where the task object is clearly visible . Hope this helps :)

    8 november 2018 09:44 2176

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