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    Why I dh get any soul gems for voting?

    25 october 2018 01:54 1628

    maybe a bug? have you create ticket?

    25 october 2018 07:01 1628

    It happens. Some days you get gems and some days you don't. No one can figure it out

    25 october 2018 07:53 1628

    I didn't get gems for voting too :( Have you figured it out already?

    3 july 2019 00:16 1628

    It can take a little while before the points get added but most importantly, and you can read this on the voting section, you only receive points for correct voting, you have to do it right, the moderators have to agree with the points you vote on for you to get points

    3 july 2019 00:22 1628

    Hmm, I don't see why the voting is needed then? If moderators anyway view the article themselves, they can decide to post it or not. I thought that article gets posted or rejected only based on community voting, thats why there should be voting at all - to lessen work for mods. And people who voted as the majority recieve some gems for the job.
    P.S. actually got some gems right now.

    3 july 2019 00:36 1628

    You only get soul gems for correct voting, and you'll have to wait some time after you have voted to get them.

    3 july 2019 11:41 1628

    The voting does save them time, because of the remarks we give, they know what they can expect beforehand, what to pay attention to without them have to read the entire article, or it gives them the ability to do a quick plagiarism confirmation or spam check. The voters basically create a summary of the attention points

    3 july 2019 15:15 1628

    We help for the moderator, I think so. Lots of articles are the spams. Maybe...😲

    13 july 2019 16:26 1628

    All the spam articles are easy to handle, moderators need professional ideas on some tricky articles, maybe simple grammar or spelling errors.

    13 july 2019 20:03 1628

    I agree with them. I think it is useful to help them.

    3 february 2020 10:53 1628

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