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    YOU CAN ACTUALLY GET 2500 soulgems daily

    Well before a go into details i wanted to say that i made it myself so hope you enjoy it and it is totally updated so you were wondering is there any other way of getting sg well these way you might never knew about
    well as i said there are a lot of ways but these ways are actually unique SO

    FIRST THE DAILY CHEST: well this way is one of the best ways and it is opening daily free chests! wait are there any daily chests out their! well yes!! there is the way you do it is so easy just first sign in with your steam account if you do not have then sign up for a one its pretty easy well i will describe it in the photo

    well  as you can see then click on get then link it with your steam account and follow their instructions
    after that you are going to earn a daily chest
    then you can get up to 1000 sg per chest so what are you waiting for just go and check it out!!

    well there are no further info than just opening gamehag everyday then at last you get bonus you can also buy runes to increase them

    well if you activated the rune you will get 7 sg instead of 5 for one week and when the bonus login comes you earn about 8 more sg or even more
    so if you won 500 or more soulgems from the steamchest and about 50 from the daily login then
    you have 550 sg until now without doing anything


    well pretty easy step just make any article you want then publish it and wait for voting for average price that they will give to you is 400 or 300 but if you made an excellent one and everybody liked it you might get 900 to 1000 sg!!! but lets stay average so you earned 400 sg so you have until now 950 which means you could buy random steam card or more cs go stuff
    then you could vote for articles lets say 50 then you earned 1000 soulgems per one day and try your best making as much steps as you could 


    well if you do not have enough space or not a high RAM then go to <get more>then<games>
    then make the type browser games
    then there you have it choose any game you want then play it and complete missions and
    the most common easy missions gives you up to 500 soul gems then after you complete the mission you recieve 500 sg then 1000 + 500 = 1500 per day

    I think that is so cool for one day
    wait! i think that you want to receive more ok then the last step for today

    FIFTH :
     well this one is pretty easy you could just invite your friends with you referral link you earn for each 10 people:250 sg
    30 people:500 sg
    50 poeple 500 sg
    100 people 1250 sg
    i thinks that is alots of sg so do it right now
     if you want more then that is the last one for today
    making youtube vids
    you could make youtube vids from more tab make a one and publish it then there you have you will get sg on how quality is it so yeah please enjoy my article and vote for it please i worked very hard on it!!!!!! so yeah thanks for reading and stay tuned for part 2!!!

    23 october 2018 17:15 1625

    yeahh 1000 sg from daily chest/: I dont think so. If you are lucky then yuo get 5

    25 december 2018 11:56 1625

    thanks a lot

    31 december 2018 20:59 1625

    Yea i already knew this

    1 january 2019 13:44 1625

    How to get the Daily chest? I did not received it

    1 january 2019 21:26 1625

    The daily steam chest isn't a reliable source in my opinon since it's "randomly picked"

    2 january 2019 07:03 1625

    write articles. you write 3 articles daily (not spam or copy articles) and you can get 2700 sg to 4500 with Ansus rune.

    2 january 2019 12:35 1625

    Also i had question how to play games here and get gems?

    2 january 2019 15:27 1625

    well good luck hunters i hope you will get some awsome rewards

    3 january 2019 00:54 1625

    This seems like a good way but also bad depending on luck

    3 january 2019 07:37 1625

    sadly always got 10 every day

    3 january 2019 13:18 1625

    The daily chest only ever give me 1-5 gems

    3 january 2019 13:40 1625

    Thanks man but its kinda hard to do it

    3 january 2019 20:37 1625

    I don't wanna ruin my steam name by putting an ad on it

    3 january 2019 22:31 1625

    thanks for your advice :)

    4 january 2019 00:22 1625

    thanks for the tips!

    4 january 2019 00:26 1625

    Well, it can happen, but its very very rare.

    4 january 2019 04:08 1625

    Wow, this was really helpful

    4 january 2019 04:36 1625

    you need to complete all the task

    4 january 2019 05:03 1625

    Barely possible and youd have to spend the entire day doing this

    4 january 2019 18:12 1625

    Man.. That's awesome! I can't believe it.

    4 january 2019 21:27 1625

    Wow!This is impossible!

    5 january 2019 22:04 1625

    After 100+ chest there maybe will be a chance to get 1000 gems :/

    7 january 2019 03:27 1625

    I cant even make 100

    7 january 2019 04:42 1625

    I followed the instructions to receive the daily chest but the avatar won't work

    7 january 2019 09:36 1625

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