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    Fields not filled in means?

    Some of my article got rejected by moderator for this reason and im still trying to figure out what it meant cause you cant submit and article with missing fields right? so it doesn't make sense

    23 october 2018 16:51 1628

    I think it means some of the voting criteria were rejected by the voters?

    23 october 2018 17:50 1628

    ok thanks annaz

    23 october 2018 18:43 1628

    No @annaz you are wrong!!! That means that you did not filled the field that says what kind of reward you want.
    Same thing happen to me, and i am 100% sure that i have filled the field!! I double check everything when im ready to post the article. Im so pissed off now because of their **** poorly made site!!!

    23 october 2018 20:10 1628

    I feel you bro 7 of my articles rejected because of this how about u?

    23 october 2018 20:37 1628

    and besides you cant submit articles that are missing in fields right?

    23 october 2018 20:38 1628

    I am going to post these articles again and again write the same reward of 500 soul gems...
    But maybe we should make a thread where we will warn people about our articles so they don't downvote on it or call it a spam

    23 october 2018 20:53 1628

    i'll support you on that bro this site is starting to show it's scamming techniques, it obviously says 1000 sg and every article we only received 500 and now this field not field ****? create a thread bro and also contact support so they will read same issues so they will realise what they are doing will make the user want to leave the site.

    23 october 2018 20:57 1628

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