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    The Things That We All Learn From GameHag

    We are all broke gamers. We watch gaming videos explaining how to get a trickshot at Roblox Arsenal, gameplay, and let's play videos to entertain our minds. We also play the game, and if it's for free, we play it and embrace it. However, when it comes to buying game currency, supporting creators and streamers you watch without a dime spent on your bank account, it's going to be tough and even tougher. That's where Gamehag comes in.
    My name is Funnehmemer, and I'm here to explain how I got into Gamehag and how the community really is all about earning game cash while harnessing their talent and "high IQ" minds, while a percentage of them tries to make low-quality content and article with less effort and talent.

    I've discovered this community when I started with a reason: to earn a $15 Twitch gift card to support a Roblox streamer, Yedira. After I've signed up, the so-called "billionaire" witch named Misty tries to break into my comfort zone and interact with articles and the community, all to earn money. But little do I know when I tried to earn Soul Gems while I try to watch ads in the TV zone after it, I was disgusted by all the low quality and low-on-effort articles and copypastas that they all make. I rated those articles truthfully, based on how the article looks and feels like reading them. Here's the feeling I've felt when reading these articles.


    Do you know IGN, a website that reviews games and gaming tech? Their reviews on games are one of the best in the community and the industry. Including The Verge, Nintendo Life, and others are some of the best ones, too, when reviewing upcoming and new game titles. But what website people crawled on Google globally, one of the worst and not as excellent game review sites ever? GameHag. Gamers submit game reviews with a desire for money and low on talent, which I would puke to read myself. If people ask what gaming review site has low-quality content, copypastas, worst article layouts in history, and one of the worst ever, it must be GameHag. The people who are creating these articles MUST HAVE the skill to create beautiful articles, have good grammar, and be interested in making gaming reviews and other articles. If those things are fulfilled, they will make many Soul Gems on his GameHag account or a lot of money on his website. I can guarantee you that.


    That's the topic I'm disgusted with when reading articles. Plagiarism. A.K.A Copypasting. The one YouTube or Google hates when it comes to website or content monetization. Guess what- me too. People on GameHag copy-pastes a review on a game (for example: remember that Horizon Forbidden West game review when it launches?) and made millions worth of Robux or video game currency from making it. It's just GameHag reality. People with a desire for money, have a low IQ, and have no experience create articles that are low on quality, make your eyes and mind hurt from reading them and get a DMCA takedown from the website owner he copied. That ruined all of us.


    And here's the real deal I'm laughing at this gaming "review" site- worst grammar, impaired language skills, lousy punctuation, and even an article that sounds messy and takes off the reader's attention and sends them to the bunker full of Among Us impostors. This situation is the thing that we have to embrace, with an average of 50% of the world's population don't have English as their primary language or their mother tongue. It depends on the population, the education skills, their English language scores on their reports- it all matters. But in the end, we all got disgusted, disappointed, and laughed at all their worst grammar and language skills, and even we all say, "You need Grammarly." (by the way, I'm writing this article with the help of Grammarly correcting the words and sentences, so don't consider it as cheating)

    In Conclusion

    These are all things that the community on GameHag needs to deal with; please have good talent and practical article writing skills, as I've mentioned earlier. Copypasting makes you get a DMCA takedown (or copyright strike as we say it on YouTube) from a website you've copied from, and GameHag itself got taken down because of copyright violations. Worst grammar skills or worst layouts in your article can get you poorly reviewed; in contrast, GameHag will take away your Soul Gems. And focus on getting that detail when reviewing a game or making an article or a tutorial and get the reader engaged, as those would make you more cash and more traffic on your blog, or you would get more Soul Gems. But if you are making low-quality content, please consider improving or focus on more ways to get more Soul Gems, and eventually, you can earn your Robux faster. 
    If somehow this article got 4 or 5 stars, I would consider making a blog or making a commentary or review YouTube channel. Thanks for reading.

    29 august 2021 12:45 1625

    i understand u ballzking

    9 july 2022 05:01 1625

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