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    Rejection for Task 1

    So I tried to complete task 1 for this game. Complete 15 Battles. I did just that by have '15 battles in missions' but the screenshot was rejected. I then played to 'win' 15 battles and sent that screenshot of the medal tab, but I was rejected once again. Finally, I created a new account for crossout to repeat the whole process again, but surprise, I was rejected. I sent a ticket to Misty but from the other threads posted here on this fourm, I am having low expectations. I am wondering if perhaps these tasks for 'Crossout' is broken or buggy or something?

    16 october 2018 16:25 2176

    try asking for help on the GH discord

    16 october 2018 18:06 2176

    I also had the same problem as you.I made an account for gaijin(the guys that made crossout and war thunder) like 2 months ago using gamehag in order to complete the war thunder tasks.After that I decided to complete the crossout tasks(2400 SG in no time),however I got rejected twice,so I made a ticket and my screenshot got accepted 2 days later.Yesterday I tried the second task,got rejected twice again(I was sure that would happen),made a ticket,screenshot got approved today.Now I am waiting for them to check(or should I rather say deny)my third screenshot too.If it gets denied I'll make another ticket.Also,you need just to play,not win battles.The ones in missions are good enough.Just enter and return to garage.

    16 october 2018 18:10 2176

    Did the same, going to see if this gets approved! Thanks everyone.

    17 october 2018 00:20 2176

    ok guys now i completed the task like 3 times
    everytime i got rejected even with tickets
    now its the 4th time i upload a screenshot of task 1 with a 3rd ticket
    most likely it'll be rejected ... how can i pass this **** ???
    uploading, playing and contacting misty is useless nw

    17 october 2018 12:38 2176

    I just got task 1 accepted. I sent a ticket to Misty about it but more importantly, I went onto Gamehag discord and asked one of their support members to check out my ticket. They did so and then the task was accepted by Misty shortly after.

    17 october 2018 14:20 2176

    Task 2 was immediately accepted afterward but now I am having difficulty with task 3 because of the same rejection problem, I am going to ask discord again

    17 october 2018 14:23 2176

    hopefully i can get support to help me with the broken crossout tasks

    18 october 2018 07:40 2176

    Excuse me but wat?

    18 october 2018 13:21 2176

    you can only get rewards from commenting 5 times not 10

    19 october 2018 05:49 2176

    the gh discord keep saying only say that misty takes care of the problem, so they wouldn't help me :/

    19 october 2018 07:37 2176

    totaly worth playing/ doent take too long to get 5/10 and whatever the last assingment is. i had troubles getting the points. from my expirience, if you are getting rejected, resubmit the screenshot (i take a new one) once or twice and if it foesnt work create a ticket (chat with misty)

    19 october 2018 08:04 2176

    task #3 said i have more than one account how that happen? i only have 1 account >.

    19 october 2018 13:03 2176

    screenshot the game with your gamehag browser in the back
    i got accepted like that

    19 october 2018 13:31 2176

    Im sure you guys will make it since i have already done task 3

    19 october 2018 13:34 2176

    You just have to keep asking Misty or one of the supports on discord

    19 october 2018 13:35 2176

    Can someone get a link to the gamehag discord pls

    19 october 2018 14:22 2176

    discord.gg/W9DmGjW Discord from Gamehag

    19 october 2018 21:36 2176

    Gamehag and Misty refused my clear proof of reaching task#.
    I'm done with gamehag!

    15 november 2018 04:13 2176

    Did you send a support ticket to Misty?

    15 november 2018 06:53 2176

    That doesn't help, my 2 previous tickets got closed with the message that it is solved, but I still don't get any reward ...

    24 december 2018 13:58 2176

    ya im having same issue with this game, im going to hit up a admin in discord ^^

    25 december 2018 00:15 2176

    i got rejected 2 i played 15 games and it was still not enough i dont know what to do

    3 january 2019 00:57 2176

    I was rejected to, but i like the game ( crossout ). i replaced one wheel with "stronger" but the old wheel is near by the machine, and i can't enter the battle because the game told me "Some parts are unwelded".

    Does anybody know how to get rid of this WHEEEEEL. Thanks

    4 january 2019 07:36 2176

    Mate, I have been there. It wasn't until I sent a screenshot of me winning 37 battles did I complete task I and even still it was rejected until I sent a ticket. If I were you, I'd write a ticket and: mention the game (In this case Crossout), mention exactly what the task is (Play 15 battles), say that the screenshot clearly shows that you have completed the task and say how your username is clearly displayed. Hope this helps. Good luck to everyone :)

    4 january 2019 11:10 2176

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