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    Why the Mannaz rune is useful

    You can buy the Mannaz rune for 10 gems and it adds 40% to daily login bonuses,which will pay for it + profit because you get 2 extra gems each day meaning you get 12 gems from the NORMAL daily bonuses already and if you add the 8 extra gems you get on the 7th day then boom,you got double the gems you paid for it back.And if you do this for let's say a month,you get 80 extra gems just for clicking a few times every week.If you manage to log in every day of a year then it would be 960 free gems every year.Not that much for a year,but it's pretty much free.

    6 october 2018 19:35 1628

    Yea its very useful. My favorite rune

    6 october 2018 20:16 1628

    yes good trick

    6 october 2018 20:19 1628

    this is very useful. thanks for the extra tip. epic

    9 november 2018 05:35 1628

    Mannaz Gem is useful for anyone who want to get SGs without much effort, and they're very cheap as well

    9 november 2018 06:50 1628

    Didn't know they were so cheap, nor did the maths to see it paid itself. Thanks for the tip!

    9 november 2018 07:50 1628

    Here's a quick question. Does the Fehu Rune work on contracts?

    24 february 2021 07:46 1628

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