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    i cant recive my reward

    I have played 30 battles but still the screenshot is rejected. why!

    5 october 2018 14:27 2176

    Yeah i think there is some problem with the site's validation system

    6 october 2018 13:08 2176

    I've submitted a screenshot for task 2 of 25 battles played three times, it seems to get rejected within minutes. Sent Misty a support ticket request and just awaiting that response.

    6 october 2018 17:18 2176

    Yeah and then the ticket appeal will tell you that the validation system has detected that your submitted screenshot is a copyright

    6 october 2018 17:20 2176

    maybe this will solve all your problems dude
    only friends of gamehag and scammers can upload and pass the tasks not only 3 times. but 6 :D LLLMMAOOO :D

    8 october 2018 11:55 2176

    That doesn't necessarily mean that person got the full SG reward. That just means a task was completed for Crossout. That could've been something as simple as "Add a friend in Crossout". I mean it probably wasn't that, but my point is proven nonetheless.

    9 october 2018 05:12 2176

    the site is a scam,my friend got banned after he withdraw 2 steam wallets worth 10$ each,the site accepted all his task of war thunder,and he withdraw the wallets after 2 days,and suddenly he is banned? really? that's something dirty happenning here.
    he got the message "Ban:Trying to cheat while completing the task"
    another friend got banned for the reason "giving screenshot of other players"
    and all of those bans seem to happen after you want to withdraw your rewards,if that's not a scam I don't know what is a scam.

    9 october 2018 22:21 2176

    site is legit fam, ur friend probably did something stupid. I have withdrawn 15 euro worth and nothing has happened to me, i am currently doing tasks and getting gems for them

    10 october 2018 10:06 2176

    Keylab same happend with my friend also got banned for giving screenshots of other players,freedollar don't try protect the site,many people here complainnig after completing tasks they getting banned hope everything will be fine for me.

    10 october 2018 17:53 2176

    Freedollar you said the site is legit? look what I've got after uploading the screenshot of crossout 15 matches

    It seems like you've completed the task in a shorter time than it was anticipated. The reason could be that you are an exceptionally skilled player, but please, complete the task again, so we can be sure that it has been done correctly. "the task is super simple play only 15 matches" ,the bot or the system here is absolutly .....up

    10 october 2018 18:02 2176

    This site is bull and it's very sad, I try to put my picture in and it still doesn't let me get my gems I should get them for the reason of completing the task what I'm trying to say is that gamehag should get their **** together and update their website.

    13 october 2018 02:36 2176

    Üç kez 25 savaşın 2. görevi için bir ekran gönderdim, sanki dakikalar içinde reddediliyor gibi görünüyor. Misty'ye bir destek bileti bekliyordu.

    21 september 2020 11:40 2176

    This is what I got from support. Hope it helps: Hello! For War Thunder, Crossout and Star Conflict tasks, please make sure to create a new Gaijin account for each of the games, as otherwise the tasks will not be tracked. For example, if you create an account for War Thunder, you won't be able to use the same one for Crossout tasks. If you are sure that you have created your account in accordance with our guidelines, you could try contacting Gaijin support and ask them to confirm for you that your account was created via the Gamehag link. Once they reply, please send us a screenshot of the response - you can upload the screenshot to a site such as gyazo or imgur and send us the link. https://support.gaijin.net/hc/en-us/requests/new

    9 october 2020 20:24 2176

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