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    Like I get it "Do the contracts and play the games " but right now i have 105 gems and still havent made more I did WoT challenge but rejected even i did like 11 battles and surveys dont work not even one so can someone tell me how can i make some gems and it will be working ?

    28 september 2018 15:15 1628

    Same, the minigames aren't rewarding atm.

    28 september 2018 15:47 1628

    Hey there JohnnyTichy! To earn gems from game like WoT you have to make sure to press Play for free button and register there, not anywhere else because your task will be rejected. Also make sure that you are registering to that game first time with the email you are using. You may use another email but make sure to use same or similar user name in the game!!

    Surveys work but it depends to your country, unfortunately it doesnt work in all of them. I found it interesting that you can complete more games and tasks by using VPN (virtual private network) app that will change your IP and country adress and allow you to play even more games for gems!

    Try to log in to Gamehag using browser every day because it gives you 5 SG every day and 7th day in a row you get 20 SG! That is 55 SG in 7 days. Also dont forget to vote on articles in articles section, they can bring you another 50 SG every day.

    Hope this helps!

    28 september 2018 15:51 1628

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