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    Article got rejected and Gamehag service said to post it again

    So, i wrote an article about We Happy Few like a month ago, it is nothing special, just an overview of a game. I've posted it and i forgot to fill up the award line so they rejected it and told me to post it again.
    And i did... i posted it again and it got rejected by users saying that it is a plagiarism??!!???

    So big thanks from me to
    becuase of them my article got rejected and it was legit!!

    So i have one question, why did you do that? Anyway, thanks for nothing...

    28 september 2018 12:39 1628

    Sounds like they think you copied your own article...

    28 september 2018 15:48 1628

    #stickmin7 you are right, i had to copy my own article again and post it because Gamehag advised me to do so because i forgot to fill the award line... Thay have accepted the article and Gamehag said it was good and they liked it but seems like some people got mad or something and accused me for plagiarism... don't know what to say...

    28 september 2018 15:57 1628

    Sorry mate I don't know how the whole process works When I saw it I remembered it but didn't know who made it the first time Would they allow you to post it another time again sorry for the trouble

    28 september 2018 16:56 1628

    #skybrf it's okay, i am just dissapointed with the article system and it is more Gamehags fault for this because many of the spam articles we downvote they get accepted you wouldn't belive :/
    They will accept it third time but the problem are users now because they will see the article again and probably downvote it again...
    I also had to repost my Frostpunk article because same thing happen, i did not fill up the reward line. Strange how they can accept article without a line filled up... some kind of bug probably

    28 september 2018 17:11 1628

    I remeber the article, it was a nice overview. Anyway, it is not their fault it's Gamehag. I like Gamehag, but they need to improve the way an article is accepted.

    28 september 2018 17:21 1628

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