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    italy mafia vs francis mafia

    like this repost

    8 may 2021 08:55 6046

    I’ve played many of this genre of game before. I try to see how far I can get with what I start with. From time to time I might buy a bundle to help me go on, but most times I avoided hem due to price and lack of good content that is worth purchasing. I don’t think it’s truly necessary to buy anything to enjoy this game and keep going. You earn so much without even trying! Here’s a lot of events that I honestly don’t even check out and then suddenly I have seven messages with rewards. Plus the daily rewards also give you a lot. But I do purchase a few bundles here and there because they’re really cheap and bring sooo much it’s crazy! So far I’ve enjoyed this game a lot. It has fun and varied things to do and look out

    19 july 2021 01:19 6046

    yes thats so good lol just kididing

    10 january 2022 20:41 6046

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