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    is gamehag a little broken?

    cuz i have a task it says sign in to an app and thats all why i dont have my reward sg?

    4 may 2021 17:21 1628

    what? i dont undertsand the question

    4 may 2021 17:48 1628

    i have quest that says just to sign in on an app and i will get 700 sg + but when i sign in , i didnt got the reward

    4 may 2021 17:51 1628

    Idk, I never had that task when I joined gamehag, but I do lose xp randomly, or I don't receive SG from tasks and stuff...

    4 may 2021 18:05 1628

    Yeah, I have the same problem. Although I completed the task sometimes it just won't give me my sg.

    5 may 2021 01:12 1628

    i lost my level for no reason i checked the notifications and tjere was nothing wrong

    5 may 2021 02:46 1628

    If you do a task and you don't get credit for it, submit a ticket to Misty. Odds are you weren't credited for some reason or another, even when you think you did exactly what the task wants you to do.

    5 may 2021 07:24 1628

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