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    what do you think about gamehag?

    what do you guys think about gamehag?

    10 april 2021 13:44 1628

    it doesnt exists until 500 gems lol

    12 april 2021 21:58 1628

    There are a lot of bugs and things they could improve on, but I have received some decent rewards from it so it isn't bad. I just wish they would restock the rewards more often.

    13 april 2021 04:44 1628

    gamehag is a good website :D

    13 april 2021 06:55 1628

    Well... it is the best website that giveaway real legit free games that i have ever known. I hope that the mods will keep growing this site for more.

    13 april 2021 08:57 1628

    its good i think but ı cant getting soul gems easy :(

    13 april 2021 11:49 1628

    ewet güze.

    16 april 2021 00:38 1628

    I like the site and how it awards things I like to do anyway (games), but I definitely don't care for the frog system. I understand why it's there, just seems like something that's more hassle than it's worth to be affected adversely by.

    16 april 2021 00:53 1628

    need to get lvl 3 exp first to claim any decent rewards.

    16 april 2021 10:24 1628

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