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    Screenshots getting denied?

    I take a very visible screenshot of my victories in war thunder and Ive been sending them constantly because they keep getting denied. Someone please tell me this isn't all a hoax and they do this intentionally to not get you closer to buying a card or somethin...

    18 september 2018 17:56 1628

    If your task gets denied just contact Misty (from you friend list on the right)
    I've had many rejected but then accpeted after contacting Misty. As long as you went through the link on here, created a new account, completed the task and your screen shows that and your username they should accept it.

    18 september 2018 19:21 1628

    Yeah, good info Fluff! :D

    18 september 2018 20:04 1628

    And don't forget to install the gamehag app to watch ads
    And rate articles when available
    To get a secure amount of gems daily

    18 september 2018 21:28 1628

    Thanks guys but misty doesnt respond :/ she just rejects my screenshots and ignores my existence *sigh

    18 september 2018 21:52 1628

    I've never not had a response and i've made serveral tickets, some replies are same day, some take a couple of days. But if you don't get a response try the gamehag discord.

    18 september 2018 22:11 1628

    yeeaah she doesnt respond to mine either

    18 september 2018 22:38 1628

    How do I watch ads from the app?

    19 september 2018 01:16 1628

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