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    How can I complete the First Task ,,Reach lvl 4"

    I already reached it, took a screenshot, but they keep rejecting my screenshots. So I'm asking for help, where can I take the perfect screenshot? I already tried to change my name ingame to the Gamehag nickname, but it didn't work. Please help me somehow.

    23 march 2021 08:31 2176

    Ösur osur sic

    30 april 2021 23:09 2176

    Is your level visible? If you take a screenshot when you are in the manu, your level should be visible in the top right corner. That's what I did, but my screenshot haven't been approved yet so I will come back later to tell you if what I did works or not.

    5 may 2021 11:28 2176

    hiç bilmiyorum o zaman niye burdayım onuda bilmiyorum sanırım boş konuşuyorum

    5 may 2021 16:13 2176

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