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    if u order more than 1-2 steams ur account gets a ban! for no actual reason! thank u and good luck with the losers in here!

    14 september 2018 14:19 1628

    for the ones who wants to join.take photos of every step u make .from the time u speak to misty.(if it is a girl or anthony) ;) enjoy the rest of ur day without getting banned! and patience is virtue.one day when u got old someone will accept ur photos :)

    14 september 2018 14:22 1628

    eh? so the whole site is running through one guy? i dont get it.if that is happening im out of here.valve is losing money for nothing. thank u ms.ekaterina. i will analyze it more. i hope u are wrong :/ i smell a big fraud!

    14 september 2018 14:50 1628

    time will tell my dear friend armin.(for a moment i thought u were van bureen) my fav dj :P

    14 september 2018 14:55 1628

    mine too! :D

    14 september 2018 14:56 1628

    pop corn time hahahahahahahahahahahah :P

    14 september 2018 15:02 1628

    katerina thank u for the advice. :) kisses from sweden!

    14 september 2018 15:04 1628

    as for the wallets they gave me.i still have them.they can take them back if they want.i will not miss them .thank u karin! kisses from london and from thunderbolt hawaii. my older son is in there.pff vacations from ****.with my i-phone in my hand.waiting for a call.pffft.mama's curse.serve and protect.

    14 september 2018 15:19 1628

    How do you gain points?

    14 september 2018 19:47 1628

    Whats going on exactly?

    15 september 2018 04:54 1628

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