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    i hate dont receive my SG

    it make me sooo angry!

    12 september 2018 19:33 1628

    "-" no i dont think

    12 september 2018 21:13 1628

    war thunder tasks dont worK , they rejected me

    12 september 2018 22:58 1628

    hello.im new in here.the only game that gives plenty soulgems in ireland is war thunder.i did the first task and they keep rejecting my pictures. :(

    12 september 2018 23:55 1628

    If u want to evade all the frustration of doing something and not making a thing out of it
    Use the gamehag app to watch ads it's a reliable source of gems
    Along side rating articles

    13 september 2018 00:25 1628

    About the war thunder task, as it is a full window game, you have to make your taskbar visible to show the time and date of the screenshot

    13 september 2018 03:16 1628

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