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    How to get registered fames under same develoer

    Some games such as Neverwinter & Star Trek Online both games are under same developer Arc games. In such case how to get registered for both of the games???? Help me please.

    10 september 2018 01:56 1628

    Register for an account on arcgames.com, download and install Arc client and play

    10 september 2018 07:39 1628

    Use a different email address to create a new account.

    10 september 2018 19:28 1628

    You only need one ARC account unless you run out of space for characters or want to multi client (if it's allowed). PWI has a limit of 2 accounts online per 1 user at the same time for example. You can run some ARC games off of Steam, all Steam does is download the launcher. ARC is not the developer, ARC is a PWE (Perfect world Entertainment) game distribution service.



    11 september 2018 01:16 1628

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