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    weird or a scam? im still waiting.

    i ordered 2x 5$ steam wallet cards cause all other gifts was saying 31 days. 7 days now no one spoke to me or sent an email or do something.why they put prizes if they cant fulfill their delivery times?i don't want to think that i wasted my time in here.(yet). :/

    9 september 2018 23:23 1628

    I dont know. Maybe wait a little bit more. Btw how did you get all those SG?

    9 september 2018 23:41 1628

    by playing games.war thunder is a very good game! cross out also :)

    9 september 2018 23:42 1628

    No matter what the reward dispatch time is said to be
    It can take up to a whole month to get what you ordered
    Especially if it's demand frequently the supply isn't sufficient
    So wait up 31 days and if by then u don't get it try to report it

    10 september 2018 00:23 1628

    friends reffering tool is not working. most games in android dont work either. the screen shot aprovments works after 5-10 pictures. even the utubers in the main page doesnt exist anymore in utube.maybe im going to ask (lia)sssniperwolf or (paul)ice poseidon for sites like gamehag.(they love to expose scammers :D) i will wait.lets hope it isn't a scam. :)

    10 september 2018 00:40 1628

    yeahhhhhh boiiiiiiii

    10 september 2018 01:30 1628

    If you see a lightning bolt on the rewards image then it means "fast delivery". If not then much longer. Anything with a lightning bolt should be just a day or 2.

    11 september 2018 00:44 1628

    5$ steam wallets have a LBolt. 7 days now nothing happend. :/

    11 september 2018 00:52 1628

    Man it isn't a scam I ordered skyrim said to be delivered in max 72h
    Got it after 28days
    It is stated in there policy that they have up to a month to give you what you ordered
    So you got nothing on them until the 31st day where you can ask for a refund of your gems

    12 september 2018 00:37 1628

    man is someone else.not me.im a mother of 2. :D thanks god :)

    12 september 2018 00:43 1628

    So rhe the site really does pay out once you reach whats needed for your pick of card

    12 september 2018 03:36 1628

    Sorry I didn't read ur user name
    But tbh many ppl just use random names and pictures u could easily get confused
    So just curious are you here for your kids then or having a gamer soul yourself

    12 september 2018 13:16 1628

    for my kids.i prefer to play mind games.like chess and etc.

    12 september 2018 13:34 1628

    Ask for help on the GH Discord. I've ordered 5 and 20 Euro Steam cards before with no problem

    13 september 2018 06:55 1628

    i just received my steam wallets.i hope my son knows how to use them cause i dont :P

    13 september 2018 10:12 1628

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