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    Hello everyone

    I'm new here and I love this website. I don't actually know is this website really give me a robux, but yeah I have enough money to buy 3 robux xD anyway I'm really curious that how is this work, and you know, the reason why I'm creating a thread, is because I can't get reward until I reach level 3. I don't like this policy ;-; I thought I waste few hours when I saw that. But now I'm level 2 and 78% of experiments something yeah Anyway, don't if you saw this, have a nice day!

    17 february 2021 11:59 1628

    Step 1: Comment 5 times on forums and 5 times on articles
    Step 2: Repeat on new day
    Step 3: ?
    Step 4: Profit

    18 february 2021 16:10 1628

    hello I can't see any of the replies so I don't know if the original poster wrote more lol

    13 september 2022 08:33 1628

    Hi, question. Has anyone been banned twice in the same couple of hours after starting? Or can someone explain what would be considered a proxy if not running a proxy or VPN? I've never had this issue asides from sites that do it when it's cashout time and don't unban you. I play on a ton of sites this is the first time I've been banned for a proxy in a while, Freecash.com was the other one I thought it was because I downloaded their app to my phone though which is on a different network. Stumped, because they unbanned me too. My security team doesn't know either but would need access to read anywho. I hate bots. The feeling must be mutual.

    19 september 2022 10:00 1628

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