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    pubg or free fire

    well pubg its better than free fire because the graphics ,and the gun system in free fire you insta kill

    17 february 2021 10:30 2269

    Have you ever looked along a smooth road in hot weather and seen what appears to be a stretch of water where none exists? This is a mirage. It is caused by the air being heated in such a way that hot layers of air lie under cold layers. The cold air is thicker than the hot air and this causes light passing trough the layers to be bent. This bending gives the illusion of water, or even sends a picture of the scene many miles away.

    17 february 2021 12:08 2269

    just pubg

    21 february 2021 18:10 2269

    I like PUBG

    23 february 2021 11:39 2269

    I like PUBG better.

    24 february 2021 13:51 2269

    pubg is good, but i like COD:Mobile better

    26 february 2021 08:15 2269

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