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    In 2 days you will become a Frog

    It keeps counting down, but I'm active each day. I'm trying to find the rules anywhere that describe "Frog". Help?

    9 february 2021 00:36 1628

    you need to do a task, being active and only commenting/watching ads doesnt reset the timer for becoming a frog. so id reccomend really trying to not become one as there's a tons of cons with being a frog on here x.x

    9 february 2021 01:24 1628

    I replied to this before but someone deleted it. :/

    Frog status restricts some of the ways you can earn soul gems. You won't receive any SG for daily logins, voting on articles or reporting posts, and you only get 10% of the SG for writing articles. You will become a frog if you haven't completed any tasks for 7 days.

    Toad status has all the effects of the frog but in addition, every 7 days you will have 50 soul gems deducted. You will become a toad if you haven't completed any tasks for 30 days.

    All you need to do to get rid of them is complete a task. I recommend the app zone and low value surveys as the quickest way to reset it.

    14 february 2021 19:55 1628

    ghostish, thanks. I hope this comment shows up, I've tried before but then I don't see my coment. I wish this site was more intuitive. Can you give me some links so I can bookmark the 2 things you said:
    1. app zone
    2. low value surveys

    1. app zone: If this means mobile apps, my past experience has been: Option IIEnter this link to your mobile device:https://ghag.link/ and a code. Then it shows the smallest font I've ever seen, saying:"This offer is not available [2054]". I guess my phone is too old (Android 5.1)??

    2. Surveys: In the past I have spend a lot of time filling out a survey, and then at the end it always says I don't qualify. I guess it figured out I'm retired so I'm not rich enough or something??

    Thanks for any more advice you reply with, and have a great day.

    16 february 2021 19:14 1628

    I just now was able to install the gamehag app on my phone and login but it does not show that I earned the points that it promissed for installing it.
    Also, for tasks, how often must I complete a task to stop all this frog stuff from happening? Thanks.

    16 february 2021 19:32 1628

    No in 10 i will become a toad not a frog

    14 april 2021 09:28 1628

    @Covenants so sorry I only just came across this thread again. As mentioned in my initial post, you will become a frog if you haven't completed any tasks for 7 days, so you should do 1 task per week.

    1. By app zone I meant in the app (apparently it might be only in the android app) there is a section where you can watch ads to earn gems. If you watch just 1 ad, it will reset the magic barrier.
    If you didn't earn anything for downloading the app, you should contact support and they will credit you.

    2. Yes surveys are exactly that, I say go for the lower value ones because they are more likely to actually credit and also are usually shorter. I also recommend doing them on mobile because they should credit instantly, on desktop they might take a while and it's hard to know if it was successful or not. I also suggest taking screenshots of the offer and the screen which shows you completed the survey so if you end up not getting credited you can send this as evidence to support.

    15 april 2021 19:30 1628

    well shit your gana be a frog

    17 april 2021 19:41 1628

    Good information on here. Best way to reset the magic barrier is via app zone I guess. Good to know.


    19 april 2021 17:27 1628

    download gamehag application and try to watch ads in there, then the frog countdown will reset.

    19 april 2021 19:00 1628

    sad. pat-pat.

    28 april 2021 01:42 1628

    You have to do task or using app zone and stuff it will reset your countdown

    8 january 2022 13:22 1628

    You have to do task or using app zone and stuff it will reset your countdown

    8 january 2022 16:14 1628

    yu copy me lol i am 30

    8 january 2022 16:14 1628

    The app zone tip was super helpful. Thanks!

    8 january 2022 18:43 1628

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