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    do you get SG for leveling up?

    guys do you get SG for leveling, if yes then i did not get any for leveling up to level 2. pls tell if you get SG for leveling up.

    9 january 2021 15:08 1628

    No, leveling up doesnt give SG. It only changes the badge

    9 january 2021 16:54 1628

    Yes, you do get SG for levelling up but it only gives it to you once.
    If you've already reached level 2 once but then fell back to level 1 until you reach level 2 again then you will not get the level 2 SG reward because you have already claimed it.

    If you reached Level 2 for the first time and didn't get the SG then you should probably seek some help from misty or you can go in the Gamehag Discord server for more proper interactions with the higher ups

    9 january 2021 18:09 1628

    I'm not sure but it is also possible that you only get SG from level 3 and up. If I recall correctly I also did not get SG for reaching level 2 but did for 3, 4, 5.

    9 january 2021 19:46 1628

    yes that's right

    9 january 2021 20:10 1628

    i ghink the game is better then all

    9 january 2021 20:15 1628

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