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    Amazon Gift Card

    I ordered x5 amazon gift cards but I only got x2, I have waited a very long time in fact almost 2 months now and still have not got the rest of my gifts. It also says 48 hours for each gift card and it has been longer than that.

    1 january 2021 01:50 1628

    It could take up to 30 days if they don't have all of your items in stock.

    1 january 2021 10:21 1628

    if its been that long id try submitting a support ticket but currently support tickets seem backed up as I had to wait 6 days to even get 1 reply on my last one.

    1 january 2021 21:57 1628

    mabye you have been scammed i don't know.. tell the fbi or something i don't know

    1 january 2021 22:02 1628

    I can't submit a support ticket because my question is not on the pathway. Is there an email I can contact?

    10 january 2021 17:17 1628

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